How to Prepare For End of Lease Cleaning

How to Prepare For End of Lease Cleaning

Preparing for end of lease cleaning doesn't have to be stressful; though it's a large undertaking, it's one where the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure can be applied to excellent effect. By starting your preparation efforts well ahead of time, you should be able to implement a hassle-free and effective end of tenancy cleaning plan. If you're wondering how to get started, the four tips below will help you create the perfect end-of-lease organisation strategy:

1. Cut down on clutter. Clutter makes it many times harder to clean your home; in a cluttered house, there are more objects to rearrange while cleaning, obstacles will be present in your path, there is more to dust, more to tidy up, etc. Not only is this inconvenient, it can actually be hazardous; the risk of falls is increased by clutter, as is the risk of back injury due to repeated lifting.

Additionally, if your lease is due to end soon, you're likely planning on moving, making it doubly important to shed clutter in order to reduce moving costs. If you need to drastically cull excess items, try going through each room in your home, placing everything you absolutely need in one pile and everything you don't need in another (the “want” pile). Once you are done, go back and allow yourself to choose a few items from the “want” pile in each room to keep, then get rid of the rest.

2. Research professional cleaners in your area. While it's possible to perform end of lease cleaning on your own, it's not advised; some landlords can be incredibly picky and will use any small flaw they notice to deny you your deposit return. Having a professional cleaner come in both ensures that your home is cleaned fully and properly and shows your landlord that you made a verifiable, serious effort to maintain the space you are leasing.

If you do decide to attempt end of lease cleaning in sydney on your own, be sure to at least have a professional come in to clean the carpets; only professional-grade machines can truly restore them to like-new condition.

3. Create a “cleaning checklist”. This will allow you to make sure that you clean everything that needs cleaning before inspection, or alternately to verify with a professional cleaning company what needs to be done and how much the fee will be.

4. If you have pets, board them elsewhere while you're taking care of cleaning your home or apartment. Pets, as lovely as they are to have around, are a notorious source of dirt and allergens. If possible, have your furry friends stay with a friend or relative until your residence has been cleaned and has passed inspection.

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