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Oven Cleaning in Sydney

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Professional Oven Cleaning Services

In many households, an oven is frequently used to prepare delicious baked meals and, of course, delectable desserts! It is a quick and convenient method of cooking that lots of homeowners are in favour of as opposed to slaving over a hot stove. In fact, many working individuals buy oven-ready meals that provide a well-cooked meal in no time! Unfortunately, the overuse of one’s oven can leave the interiors in a terrible mess and promote bacteria buildup. Furthermore, a dirty oven can hinder the overall performance of the appliance, leaving you to pay costly repair bills every once in a while.
Luckily, there is still hope for getting your oven interiors and exteriors spotless and free of germs with none other than MaidForYou’s Oven Cleaning Service! We are a friendly and professional team of expert cleaners with experience in cleaning all types of home appliances and house interiors. All you need to do is give us a call for a routine deep clean of your oven to keep it in perfect working order.

Routine Oven Cleaning Services for Hire in Sydney

We understand the proper functioning of an oven and which parts of the insides require more attention or deep cleaning to remove hidden grease. With firsthand experience in cleaning ovens and other kitchen appliances, you can have no doubt that MaidForYou will get the job done in the safest and most efficient manner.
Moreover, the nature of this cleaning task can be rather time-consuming and difficult to attempt on your own, while the proper use of cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products is imperative for cleaning the oven without damaging it. With our expertise and painstaking efforts, you can be certain that bacteria, burnt carbon, and greasy stains will be taken cared of with a routine oven cleaning service.

Sydney Oven Cleaning Prices

Service Pricing
End Of Lease Cleaning Included
Deep Clean $59
General Clean $59
Weekly Clean $50.15
Fortnightly Clean $53.1
Monthly Clean $56.05
All prices are inclusive of GST

Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Oven

Along with ensuring that the cleaning of your oven is handled in a careful manner, a professional house cleaning service like MaidForYou puts in the extra effort for a thorough deep clean that will aid in improving the performance of the appliance. Assuming that your oven is used 2-3 times a week and merely wiped down once every few months, the burnt-on grease caked on the inside will cause the oven to work harder in order for it to reach the desired temperature. This, in turn, consumes more energy or gas which adds to your expense.
A professional oven clean by MaidForYou promises a thorough service that will increase the life span of your appliance and have it working beautifully again. Between professional deep cleans of your oven, it is advisable to clean the interiors at least once in two weeks by removing the trays and wiping down the walls, top, and bottom with an oven cleaning product and a cloth.

After photo of a stainless steel oven after it has been cleaned

Instagram Worthy After Photos

Internal close up of a MaidForYou oven clean
After photos of oven glass after it has been cleaned

Why Choose MaidForYou to Clean Your Oven

Our handpicked professional cleaners possess all-round experience in home cleaning and deep cleaning of appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, gas stove ranges, and ovens. In fact, our crew makes a tedious job like this look rather simple with their systematic approach to deep cleaning the appliance inside and outside. We pay close attention to detail with every cleaning task before us and hence, guarantee 100% satisfactory service with every booking.
Everything from the knobs or buttons on the panel to removable components such as pizza stones, temperature gauges, and oven racks - MaidForYou will clean and replace each part with the appropriate tools and eco-safe products to reveal a spotless, sanitized, and freshly cleaned oven!

All-in-One Cleaning Solutions: Combine Oven Cleaning With Additional Services

At MaidForYou, we come highly recommended and cover all your Sydney house and office cleaning needs, including:

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