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12 Cleaning Secrets That Only Professionals Know

If you're from the South, it's likely your grandmother mentioned once or twice (or a few dozen times) that any job worth doing is worth doing well...

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Nobody Likes a Scratchy, Dingy Towel — A Guide to How (and When) to Wash Your Towels

When you’re getting out of the bath or shower, there’s almost nothing more disappointing than grabbing a rough...

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8 Best Ways To Clean Wood Furniture

When it comes to keeping your furniture in good condition it should be cleaned often to help them last for years. Wood furniture can be the hardest to maintain...

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What Should You Charge for House Cleaning in Australia?

Are you just starting a house cleaning business and wondering what you need to include in your estimates? Or some tips and tricks for where to start...

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How to Locate and Clean Your Washing Machine's Filter

You’re probably familiar with the lint trap on your dryer, and, ideally, clean it after every load of laundry. But did you know that your washing machine...

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How to get cat pee out of carpet – avoid smells and stains at all costs

If your kitty missed the litter tray, learn how to get rid of cat pee smell fast and avoid any long-term staining. Experts share the best way to get cat urine out of carpet.

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