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There comes a time when regular cleaning just isn’t enough. That’s when the job calls for a high pressure washing to abolish dirt and grime buildup courtesy of outdoor elements. At MaidForYou, we offer pressure washing services to clean a wide range of outdoor areas including rooftops, garage, concrete driveways and driveway floors, house/apartment exteriors, and commercial building exteriors.
Of course, our expertise in high pressure cleaning also extends to internal flooring of large establishments and other areas in need of pressure washing. Thanks to the use of innovative and superior-quality cleaning equipment, we are able to perform a safe and thorough pressure washing service without flooding the place! What’s more, MaidForYou specialises in removing common fungi found on outdoor surfaces such as mould and mildew, as well as slippery agents like algae and moss. Our goal is to pressure wash away all unwanted substances and soil to reveal a clean, new-looking surface once again!

MaidForYou pressure washer Jun cleaning the outside windows of a high rise building
Jun using high pressure to clean brick steps
Jun wearing green overalls using high pressure to clean a dirty concrete footpath

All-in-One Residential Pressure Washing for Sydney Homes

Although many Sydney homeowners prefer to have their property pressure washed as part of spring cleaning their home, our services can be booked any time of the year or as and when needed. Adverse weather conditions or infrequent cleaning can leave outdoor areas in a complete mess which, in turn, decreases the value of your property. The cleanup of these outdoor spaces and surfaces such as patios, backyards, home exterior walls, and roofs is best left to a team of experienced professionals in order to achieve a safe and satisfactory end result.
Luckily, MaidForYou offers clients an all-in-one pressure washing service in Sydney to ensure that all your home cleaning requirements are taken care of under one roof. Whether you’re looking to revitalise the appearance of your house to sell it, or de-grime the property for a fresh and clean finish, a pressure washing from our skilled team guarantees to meet your expectations!

Top-to-Bottom Pressure Washing of Commercial Buildings & Estates

Business owners understand the importance of making a lasting impression on past, present, and future clients and employees. This extends beyond the business side of things and a clean office alone. Just like the interiors of a commercial space or office, it’s important to keep the entire structure clean and in tiptop condition. By hiring Sydney’s best pressure washing service in town, MaidForYou will inspect the building for damages and carry out washing the exteriors accordingly.
Apart from commercial structures, our cleaning technicians are trained and experienced in high pressure washing various commercial properties and estates including parking lots, stairways, pavements, etc. With the help of high-quality cleaning equipment and products, our minute attention to detail ensures that stubborn and unsightly stains left by various substances are effectively removed. Rest assured that our extensive experience in pressure cleaning commercial, strata and residential properties gives us an advantage over average cleaning services in Sydney. To top it off, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which entails a free re-clean should you be dissatisfied with our service the first time around! MaidForYou pressure washing services are a great accompaniment for your end of lease clean.

Pressure Cleaning Services By Sydney’s Most Trusted and Experienced Professionals

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding pressure cleaning services to homeowners and business owners across Sydney. This, of course, would not be possible without our solid team of cleaners who put in tireless hours of work to provide impressive high-pressure cleaning results on every occasion!
Throughout our hiring process, we were careful to pick candidates who are trustworthy, dedicated, hardworking, experienced, and highly recommended; it’s safe to say that our current cleaning team checks all the boxes. So, if you’re looking to hire a pressure cleaning service, MaidForYou is Sydney’s top-rated, go-to company to make residential and commercial properties shine bright with a high pressure wash!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure washing is the process of using petrol or electric power based machines to blast water at an extremely high pressure to remove built-up dirt and grime from hard surfaces.

We usually perform this process strictly on outside areas to avoid any damages to sensitive inside surfaces.

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