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Post-construction properties are unlivable due to the mess that is left behind. You may be standing in a beautiful, newly constructed home but there is still one thing left to do before you can move in – construction cleaning.

If you didn’t already know, the specific requirements for an after builders clean are best taken care of by a team of fully capable and experienced cleaning professionals. It is no walk in the park and involves the use of industrial equipment and special products to get rid of fine debris that typically finds its way to every inch of a newly built house. At Maid For You, we go beyond mere surface cleaning to ensure that you are moving into a truly clean and livable home with top to bottom construction cleaning services in Sydney.

Construction Cleaning Pricing

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom$518
2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom$528
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom$658
4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom$788
5 Bedroom 2 Bathroom$928
6 Bedroom 3 Bathroom$1058

*All price inclusive of GST and don't include additional pressure washing or carpet steam cleaning. They are a guide and are reflective of a standard size house or apartment.

A Professional Builders Clean Like No Other

We offer post-construction cleaning for both commercial and residential purposes, including deep cleaning services targeted towards heavily soiled parts of the property. Our first task is to thoroughly remove dust and debris from inside and outside the house. Rest assured that Maid For You’s cleaning crew is highly trained and skilled in using specialised equipment that will aid in safely and efficiently cleaning your new living space.

In order to complete a builders clean to the satisfaction of our customers, we work long hours to get the job done and stay on schedule for a final touch-up clean before you can begin moving in. Depending on the size of your property, and upon assessing the cleaning requirements, we will give you a final quote (no hidden fees involved) before you can book a construction cleaning with us.

The Best Renovation Cleaning Service in Town!

Regular Cleaning Services in Sydney

Along with cleaning newly constructed buildings and homes, we also offer renovation cleaning services in Sydney which, more or less, follow the same process as after builders clean. Like construction work, any renovation project where walls are broken down and/or the flooring is replaced, will leave the space in an utter mess which takes homeowners several days to fully cleanup. If you’re looking for a renovation cleaning Sydney service that will have your home in a livable condition and spotless in under two or three days, Maid For You is at your service!

As part of our renovation and/or post-construction cleaning, we pressure wash exteriors including the driveway and areas adjacent to the house; windows (interiors and exteriors) are thoroughly washed; home interior walls and ceilings will be wiped down; other deep cleaning services will be carried out as well as to complete an overall, top to bottom cleaning of your new home.

Book Our Construction Cleaning Service Today!

If you’re worried about hiring a professional construction cleaning service in Sydney that will fall short of your expectations, Maid For You guarantees 100% satisfaction from start to finish! Thanks to our expert cleaners, you can rest assured that there will be no traces of dirt or residue left by rubble and large debris after we are through cleaning the space. We are all about powering through each cleaning task with the support of a qualified team and the use of industry-leading tools and products.

You should also know that each cleaning professional at Maid For You has got years of experience working in this field and thus, honed the skills to carefully clean damage-prone materials such as marble, wood, glass, special metals, and more. That's right, when you book our construction cleaning services, every room from the bathroom to the kitchen will be deep cleaned and ready for you and your family to live your best life!

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