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Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

At some point in time, you need to turn to a professional carpet care service for an all-round, deep clean of your rugs and carpets. It’s the only real chance you have of extending their use while ensuring that they continue to look their absolute best for years to come! With a wide range of carpet cleaning services that are intended to treat specific types of stains, carpet fibres, and so on, routine professional care is a must, and a real blessing when performed by skilled, experienced, and trusted carpet cleaners!

Why Choose Us to Clean Your Carpets

Thorough, efficient, and effective; expect nothing less than a safe and satisfactory result when you hire MaidForYou’s professional carpet cleaning services. We offer carpet care solutions that include intensive deep cleans, stain removal, elimination of odours, restoration of water damaged carpeting, and everything in between! Our carpet technicians are well-versed in every area of carpet cleaning and maintenance with first-hand experience in safely revitalising rugs and carpets made from all types of fibres. Through tireless efforts and the use of professional cleaning equipment, you can rest assured that MaidForYou will get the job done no matter how big or small.

MaidForYou carpet cleaner Peter using a wand to steam clean beige carpets
Floor 2 rooms

Carpet Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction

If your carpet is made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, wool, or nylon, we highly recommend steam cleaning for its intensive, deep cleansing abilities and excellent results. Regardless of how dirty or dull your rugs and carpets may be, a steam clean or hot water extraction will breathe new life into them by the end of the service. The way this works is with the use of steam that is emitted from the steam cleaning machine by boiling a cleaning solution within the equipment; the steam penetrates the carpet, thereby loosening stubborn dirt, grime, and stains. The method ends with the steam cleaner sucking up the contaminated moisture, thus revealing a clean, bright, and sanitised carpet!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the alternative method, yet still effective, when working with delicate carpet fibres such as seagrass, jute, pure cotton, or other natural materials. In this carpet cleaning process, our technicians will use a high-grade vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust, followed by the application of a dry cleaning powder that will attract dirt remnants as the fibres are agitated with another piece of equipment known as a spinning rotary bonnet. The service is completed with a final power vacuum of the carpet to remove the contaminated powder.

Carpet Shampooing

With this cleaning method, we will take excellent care of your heavily soiled carpets and rugs using a carpet shampooing machine. The foamy cleaning solution will cut through grease, grime, and dirt before we finally extract the shampoo and water with the same powerful machine that removes up 95% of moisture!

MaidForYou carpet cleaner Juan shampooing carpets
close up of brown and white carpet fibres

Remove Odours From Carpets

After a carpet cleaning service from MaidForYou, be it dry cleaning, steam cleaning, or shampooing, you can be sure of two things – immaculate and fresh-smelling carpets and rugs! By paying close attention to detail, our carpet cleaners will address the root cause of the foul smell and carry out odour-eliminating cleaning methods to ensure a fresh, pleasant-smelling result.

Complete Stain Removal Services

Stains are inevitable and also the number one reason why homeowners give up on their favourite carpets and rugs altogether, perhaps after a failed attempt at removing the stain(s) with a DIY approach. This is one of the many reasons why professional carpet cleaning services from a trusted company are in high demand.
MaidForYou specialise in removing carpet stains of any nature including some of the most common ones as mentioned below:

Blood Stains

Blood Stains

Whether fresh or old, blood stains on carpeting can be tedious to remove without the help of professional equipment and techniques. Our carpet technicians will use appropriate cleaning solutions and methods to safely and effectively remove blood stains from your carpet.

Coffee Stains

Coffee Stains

If a regular carpet cleaning method is requested, fresh coffee stains will typically come out during the cleaning process depending on the severity of the stain. However, if needed, we will specially spot-treat the area to effectively remove the entire stain.

Red Wine Stains

Red Wine Stains

The complete removal of red wine stains is best left to the professionals as harsh stain removers and/or improper cleaning techniques can cause irreparable damage to the carpet fibres. When dealing with tricky red wine stains, you can rest assured that MaidForYou will apply only the safest and most effective stain removal methods for best results.

Why You Should Purchase Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning practices carried out by homeowners do a fairly good job at keeping carpets and rugs looking decent. However, getting rid of bacteria, foul odours, tough stains, dirt, and dust trapped within the fibres all require the workings of a skilled and experienced carpet cleaner. With the best carpet steam cleaning service at your disposal, MaidForYou promises 100% satisfactory results and the best value for money!

Photos of a room after carpet cleaning has been done on grey carpets

How Much Does it Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of professional carpet cleaning services including the size/area, type of cleaning method, equipment and cleaning solutions required, type of stains to be removed (if any), etc. Keeping the many different requirements in mind, a professional carpet cleaning service can cost anywhere between $80-$200.

Sydney Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Pricing
1 Room $110
2 Rooms $220
3 Rooms $330
4 Rooms $440
5 Rooms $550
6 Rooms $660
Upholstery Cleaning Click below for a custom quotation

Additional Carpet Cleaning Service Prices

Services Pricing
Staircase $25
Flea Treatment $99
Heavy Duty Stain Removal $20 per room

Lounge & Sofa Cleaning Prices

Services Pricing
1 Seater Couch $90
2 Seater Couch $90
3 Seater Couch $130
4 Seater Couch $170
5 Seater Couch $210

Sydney Mattress Cleaning Prices

Services Pricing
Single Mattress $150
Double Mattress $180
Queen Size Mattress $210
King Mattress $239

End Of Lease Carpet Steam Cleaning

This all-important cleaning task is best left to the professionals, especially if you are looking to get your bond back. We offer all-around end-of-lease carpet cleaning services which include deep cleaning carpeted stairs and area rugs. Expect nothing less than a satisfactory end result to your end-of-lease cleaning from MaidForYou!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Carpet fibres are prone to bacteria and pathogens, along with dust, stains, and overall dullness. Professionally cleaned carpets eliminate such contaminants and restore the fibres to their clean, original texture and appearance.

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