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A cleaning company built on the foundations of trust and respect is hard to find nowadays. That’s what makes Maid For You a rare breed! We’ve invested 110% of ourselves into the business and created a solid family that works together and stays together! Our cleaning teams have proven to be trustworthy, hardworking and true professionals at their job time and time again, which we are happy to reward them with high salaries and many company perks. Of course, that isn’t an ‘excuse’ to charge customers exorbitant rates for our professional cleaning services. Maid For You’s goal is to keep everyone happy - employees, cleaning staff and customers with quality service, transparent dealings and fair pricing.

With over 50,000+ domestic cleans completed in the Sydney metropole and five years of sustained growth, we've certainly earned the trust of loyal customers and many new ones, too!

Inner West Cleaning

What Makes Us Different

Every time we do business with you we see it a chance to impress you.

We're insured and bonded so, you're always safe!

All of our cleaners are hand-picked to be fun, outgoing and awesome. Each one has passed a thorough background check.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you're not happy with the service, contact us within 24 hours and we'll come back and fix it. Still not happy? We'll refund you completely.

We are honest. It's that simple. The price quoted is our final price.

You can reach us almost anytime and get a response super fast.

We always use two-person teams to get your house cleaned better and faster.

Our Team

Delah Gomasi

Delah Gomasi

Founder & CEO

Adriana Aziz

Adriana Aziz

Operations Manager

Marites Oliveiro

Marites Oliveiro

Financial Controller


U'Llynda De Chiera

Customer Service Manager

Preechaya Promseda

Preechaya Promseda

Director Of Cleaning Quality Control

Our Mission

We've all read a corporate mission statement. They all talk about how they will treat the customer right and provide the best products, but we all know that usually never happens. We promise we are different! We don't have a twenty-page mission statement, it's only two pages, and if you want to read the whole thing you can check it here. Simply, our mission is this - Make every single customer say "Wow" with everything we do from customer service to our professional home cleaning. That's it! It's really all about you.

Our Values

At Maid For You, our core value is to value people. Be it staff, clients, managers, or just about anybody that crosses our path, we believe in treating people fairly and equally. Kindness is never wasted, and working with good morals at the forefront goes a long way in business – we are a proof of that. Here, the management team and working staff share mutual respect and close bond that encourages each person to work to the best of their ability in a stable and healthy work environment.

As you will see below, the fundamentals of our cleaning company are prioritized to support our core value which, in turn, ensures that you are dealing with a trusted and professional cleaning service.


Whether you’ve read about it on our website, or heard us utter the words, it’s true! Customers can be assured that we live up to our promises/claims every time they hire a service from Maid For You. We stay true to the practice of working hard for an honest buck which is why we can confidently stick by our 200% satisfaction guarantee on every occasion. As responsible homeowners ourselves, we understand the importance of transparency and trustworthiness when it comes to hiring a house cleaning service therefore, we take strict measures to ensure a safe and secure experience for our customers from beginning to end. 


Right from customer service KPIs to consistent high-level services, Maid For You has set the bar high and continues to measure up to it. During office hours, you can expect to have your email inquiries answered within 10 minutes while other online customer support will respond to feedback in a quick, efficient, and professional manner. As a KPI-driven company with a huge focus on customer service, all grievances and/or feedback are prioritized and handled with the customer’s best interest in mind. Our goal is to provide convenience to the customer through and through, starting with a simple online booking process that ends with consistently excellent cleaning results.

Good Communication

Polite interactions and good communication between us and our clients are innate to us. We believe in working ‘with’ clients and contractors as opposed to ‘for’ them; in this manner, we are able to understand exactly what they want and provide services to meet their needs. Among cleaning teams and admin staff alike, we excel at internal communication and look out for each other to keep up performance levels. Although we are thorough professionals inside and outside of the company, we’ve established a safe, friendly, and happy work environment that our employees absolutely love! This, along with the awesome perks and rewards they receive on top of a well-paying salary.


We are Maid For You, and we promise to be there for you when you need us! Thanks to our custom cleaning services and flexible schedules, we are able to provide services that you can count on when you need them most. From move-in and move-out cleaning to deep and recurring cleaning services, whatever you need, you can depend on us! 

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