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The Ultimate DIY Construction Cleaning Checklist

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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the construction is complete, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful new house! But wait; it’s also the moment you realise that your new place needs a thorough post-construction clean because it’s one big mess, and that mess is covered in layers of debris!

This is the part where most homeowners start looking for a professional post-construction cleaning service to come in and transform the space into one that is spotless; however, if you’re looking to save some money, and are up for the challenge, a DIY construction cleaning project may be up your alley. 

Of course, this isn’t a simple task and therefore, one should not attempt it without enough knowledge on what has to be done, what’s needed for the project, and perhaps some tips on how to go about it efficiently. So, right about now, the need of the hour is MaidForYou’s ultimate DIY construction cleaning checklist to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial cleaning tasks during the project. 

First, let’s make sure that you are prepared for a DIY post-construction clean.

Things You’ll Need

Person sweeping construction debris with a red broom with black bristles


  • Scrub brushes (handheld and long-handled options)
  • Scrubbers and sponges
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom + dustpan
  • Rags 
  • Dust cloths
  • Heavy duty mop
  • Squeegee


  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaners (floor, bathtub, and toilet)
  • Glass cleaner
  • Borax and/or rubbing alcohol (to disinfect surfaces)

NOTES: Be sure to keep some garbage bags handy to discard debris and other rubbish you accumulate during the clean. Remember you will be dealing with fine debris and therefore, will require protective gear such as a mask, goggles (when cleaning higher surfaces), and rubber gloves. It is also advisable to cover your skin with full-length clothing.

DIY Construction Cleaning Checklist

contrast between two rooms after renovation

Every room or part of your property will require cleaning after the construction work is over. While that may sound overwhelming, having a checklist to refer to helps a great deal because you can go about the process in a systematic manner. Apart from that, it is also very satisfying to check off tasks as you complete them! 

To simplify DIY construction cleaning further, we have divided the tasks in separate groups, mainly consisting of indoor and outdoor areas. Let’s get started.

Construction Cleaning Checklist for Interiors

  • Remove dust from ceilings and walls
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Dust doors + door frames
  • Wipe down baseboards and moulding
  • Dust window treatments (shutters, blinds, etc)
  • Clean window sills + window frames
  • Wash windows + window tracks
  • Remove debris from cabinet tops and wipe the exteriors
  • Dust shelving and wall-mounted fixtures
  • Clean air vents
  • Wipe down counters
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Mop the floor

Construction Cleaning Checklist for Exteriors

  • Collect leftover rubbish (packaging, plastic, etc) in trash bags
  • Pressure wash exterior walls, front and back porch, the driveway, etc
  • Dust lighting fixtures
  • Dust wall-fixtures
  • Wash exteriors windows (by hand)
  • Tidy up the lawn/backyard area

Construction Cleaning Checklist for Bathrooms

  • Dust the ceiling
  • Scrub wall tiles
  • Clean window + window sill
  • Clean the toilet bowl (interior and exterior)
  • Scrub inside the sink, underneath it, and the faucet 
  • Clean the mirror
  • Remove excess caulk 
  • Clean the vanity area (cabinets, shelves, counter, etc)
  • Scrub the shower area/bathtub
  • Wipe down fittings and fixtures
  • Clean the floor

Construction Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

  • Clean cabinet tops
  • Clean appliances
  • Scrub the sink + faucet
  • Wipe down counters
  • Dust shelves + wall brackets
  • Scrub backsplash tiles
  • vacuum/sweep the floor
  • Mop the floor

Tips for Successful DIY Construction Cleaning

man wearing yellow gloves removing dirt from wall tiles

Clean from top to bottom

You don’t want to double your work by having to clean lower surfaces repeatedly because dust from the ceiling or higher surfaces keep accumulating on them.

Clean the floor in four steps

Typically you would vacuum or sweep the floor and then mop it; however, when dealing with fine dust, this method isn’t very effective. Instead, vacuum the floor first to remove as much dirt and dust as possible; then mop to help get rid of the fine debris; next, sweep the floor (because there will be some debris leftover), and mop one last time. It’s extra work but it’s also extra effective in abolishing minuscule debris.

Allow cleaners to stand

 In order to remove paint drips, scuff marks, and stubborn dirt left from the construction work, give cleaning products enough time to break down the buildup before you start scrubbing.

Keep your cleaning tools clean

Considering the amount of dust and debris in your new house, your cleaning tools/equipment will start to get dirty really quickly. While it may be inconvenient to rinse or clean them off every now and then, continuing to use them in a filthy condition defeats the purpose of cleaning.

Clean one room at a time

You will find DIY construction cleaning to be less overwhelming when you tackle one room at a time. Of course, at the end of the project, you will likely have to clean surfaces one last time (especially if you have people going in and out of rooms) but at least the major work will be done. 

Get rid of rubbish first

Before you start any form of cleaning, get the rubbish out of your way. This means picking up plastics, empty tape rolls, wire scraps and the likes. Put them in trash bags, and take them out to the garbage bin. In general, any type of cleaning task is easier and quicker when random items aren’t getting in the way

Use a trolley to store cleaners/tools

 As you move around, you’ll need to carry cleaning products and tools from one place to another; having a trolley to effortlessly push around with all the essentials will minimise your time and energy consumption.

Clean then disinfect

After you have cleaned surfaces, wipe over them with a disinfectant to ensure that the house is sterile before you move in.

Whether you’re looking for a post-construction cleaning service or some professional guidance coupled with a DIY construction cleaning checklist, MaidForYou has got you covered! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us!

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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