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Remove Limescale and Have Your Shower Screen Looking Brand New

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The shower is always one of the biggest cleaning tasks in the bathroom. This is a tedious task, but it is necessary if you really want a sparkling look and to keep your bathroom clean and healthy for your family. Limescale build-up on the shower screen is a big problem in a number of different homes and it doesn’t take much to become discouraged when basic cleaning just doesn’t do the trick. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to deal with stubborn limescale, which means you’re bound to find one that will do the trick.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what limescale is and how it builds up in some showers, but not others. We'll also cover the best DIY cleaning solutions and home remedies, as well as the option of using chemical limescale removers when you have stubborn issues. Again, the process and build-up are different for everyone, so you might have to try a few different things to find what works for your particular situation. Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know about getting rid of limescale for good.

What Is Limescale, Anyway?

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Limescale, which is primarily comprised of calcium carbonate, is a mineral that is known to cling to your shower screen, tiles, and other fixtures near sinks, tubs, and showers. Even though the water will eventually dry or evaporate, the residue will remain until it is properly cleaned. Some people have a bigger issue with limescale than others. It ultimately depends on how mineral-rich the water in your home is. Some homeowners will even find limescale on their dishwasher, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Because limescale is hard crust-like residue, it is best to try to cut through the build-up with abrasive methods that will eliminate the mineral without damaging the shower screen or other surface. After all, it does no good to get rid of limescale only to scuff the walls or the door of your shower while cleaning. Not only will that look bad, but it could create spaces that will harbour mould and mildew.

Now that you know more about what limescale is, explore the different options that you have for getting rid of it.

Natural Remedies and Home Cleaners

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You don’t have to head to the store and raid the household cleaner aisle for the best limescale cleaner or soap scum remover. Now, if you end up with stubborn stains that you can’t get rid of, you may end up resorting to these chemicals. However, there are a lot of ways you can start eliminating that limescale now with just a few items that you have around the house.

White Vinegar

Plain old household vinegar is one of your best cleaning friends, whether you realise it or not. This simple ingredient is even great at combatting limescale and soap scum build-up. You should use a mixture of half vinegar and half water, and employ the use of a scouring pad as needed. Keep in mind that this method will require a little more elbow grease, but it is effective. Once you clean the area, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the residue and then buff it with a microfiber or other soft cloth.

Baking Soda (Bicarb)

Baking soda is naturally abrasive, which makes it great for cleaning stubborn limescale. Using a damp cloth, you can rub a small amount of the bicarb onto the shower screen and then wipe it clean. Again, you’ll want to dry the area after using baking soda and rinsing the residue to ensure that the surface is clean and residual moisture doesn’t lead to mildew build-up.


If the limescale residue is thick enough or severely built-up over the entire surface and it is a smooth, scratch-resistant shower screen, you may be able to use a razor blade or similar tool to scrape off the soap scum and limescale. This can be slightly tedious work, but it might prove to be more effective against serious build-up situations so that you can remove the majority of the limescale before attempting to clean it with any type of cloth or scrub brush.

What about Chemical Shower Cleaners?

A person cleaning mould from a shower floor

If you have stubborn limescale issues or you just aren’t having luck with home remedies, you may find yourself heading to the store for a cleaning product. Fortunately, there are a number of different shower cleaners on the market that are specifically designed to target limescale and other build-up on your shower screen and walls. Your biggest concern will be looking for something that is sold for limescale removal and advertised accordingly.

If you want a little assistance, you can read online reviews to see which products tend to work best on various types of limescale build-up. However, as long as you choose a product designed to remove this mineral deposit, you should find it easy to make your shower screen shine again. Just remember that if you’re using chemicals, you need to make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area. Open a window if there is one, and turn on fans to help exhaust out the fumes from the cleaner so that you can breathe easy while scrubbing your shower screen.

The Bottom Line

A clean, see through shower screen

Of all the pesky build-up problems you could have in your home, limescale is by and large one of the worst. It's going to be up to you to find the best solution, but this guide should be a great place to start. Remember that if you get in the habit of rinsing your shower and drying it out after use, you’ll have fewer issues with build-up of any kind and you’ll spend much less time cleaning.

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Of course, until you get rid of the current problem, you can’t take a proactive approach. Use the tips in this guide to get rid of limescale and get your shower screen shining once again, no matter how severe the problem might be. If you need more assistance cleaning your bathroom, or if you have a pesky mould infestation in your home, we've got resources that can help.

If you need help with your bathroom cleaning or removing limescale and mould from your shower, book our cleaning services today.

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