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2 Simple Solutions to Clean Oven Racks for Gleaming Results!

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The first time your oven racks encounter a spill or two, you don’t think much of it because they’re still relatively clean. Fast-forward to the next few times you bake something in your oven and, lo and behold, there isn’t a single trace of that once shiny metal left!

It’s not uncommon to find your oven racks caked with burnt-on grease and charred food bits, especially when you haven’t been paying attention to them in a while. Unfortunately, this built-up grime is inevitable inside ovens and therefore, must be manually cleaned for best results.

There are various ways to clean oven racks, of course, some are more ineffective than others. For those reasons, we’re sharing two of the best methods to clean oven racks that are not only 100% effective in removing all kinds of grimes, but incredibly simple, too!

So, let’s get started!

The Soaking Method

clean oven racks in an oven

If you’ve got a bathtub or a large enough basin to submerge your oven racks, this might be the easiest and most effective way to clean them because you don’t have to do much! The cleaning solution used to soak the racks will help loosen up grime and even cut through burnt-on grease, making it far easier to scrub down after.

Here is the step-by-step soaking method to clean oven racks with vinegar.

Step 1: Apply Baking Soda and Vinegar

These two ingredients are a match made in heaven when it comes to household cleaning. It is particularly effective in removing grease and burnt stains from metal surfaces including stainless steel pots and pans. To use this method when cleaning oven racks, sprinkle some baking soda around the tub, place the racks down and sprinkle more of the powder so that both sides can be cleaned efficiently; pour raw vinegar over the racks and allow science to take over! You will start to see the ingredients bubble and foam; that’s exactly what you want.

After this bubbling process dies down, pour hot water over the racks to submerge them. Although it’s typically advised to leave them to soak overnight, a minimum of four hours should be enough to clean your oven racks effectively.

Step 2: Scrub Them Down

By now, most of the grime will be removable with just a quick wipe, however, thorough scrubbing is advised, particularly for those tricky corners. Start by using a regular scrubber to clean the oven racks, one grid line at a time. Observe each corner as you go; if your scrubber isn’t doing a good enough job at getting grease or grime out, switch to a narrow cleaning brush or an old clean toothbrush.

Step 3: Rinse and Dry

woman cleaning oven racks in her sink

Once you’re satisfied with the scrubbing, it’s time to rinse off all the grime and cleaning solution. Do this under running water and, again, pay attention to corners to ensure that no grime gets left behind. After rinsing the racks, leave them to air dry or wipe with a clean kitchen towel before replacing them.

Cleaning with a Commercial Product

Easy off bam oven cleaner on a stove top

Sometimes all you want is a quick oven cleaning method that requires little effort. Well, that’s exactly what commercial oven rack cleaners are meant for. Unfortunately, a lot of these store-bought cleaners are chemical-based and therefore, produce toxic fumes in your home. For these reasons, it is best to open up all windows when cleaning oven racks with a commercial product, or simply do it outside. Of course, the better option (for both, you and the environment) is to choose an eco-friendly oven rack cleaner.

Here’s how to clean oven racks with a commercial cleaning spray in two simple steps.

Step 1: Spray the Racks

woman with red nail polish reading oven cleaner instructions

Before you do this, put down some sheets of newspaper to protect the surface below. Place the oven racks on top, side by side, and spray every inch of them. As a precaution, we advise using protective eyewear and rubber gloves when doing this. Flip the racks over and spray the other side before leaving them to sit for at least 15 minutes, or as recommended on the label.

Step 2: Clean with a Brush

woman with red nail polish scrubbing oven racks

The use of a brush over a scrubber is preferred because the product makes grease and grime crusty which is easier to remove with a bristled cleaning tool, and also less messy! Of course, you can also use a scrubber or damp cloth, the choice is yours! As we mentioned earlier, corners require more time and attention for a thorough clean. Finish off by rinsing and drying the racks before placing them back into your oven.

Oven Cleaning Tips

Heavily soiled oven being cleaned with easy off bam oven cleaner

Along with the racks, your oven interior, exterior, and trays also require regular cleaning if the appliance is used frequently. Here are a few oven cleaning tips that you might find helpful:

  • Remove and soak panel knobs in water and dish soap; this allows for thorough cleaning of both, the panel and knobs
  • Use the self-cleaning option if your oven has one
  • Stubborn grime on interior walls of your oven can be loosened and removed by spraying with a warm solution of 3 part water to 1 part vinegar; wipe with a damp cloth thereafter
  • Fill the tray with hot soapy water and scrub when the water cools down
  • Clean the inner glass door with a layer of water and baking soda paste (leave to sit for 15 minutes); wipe with a soft, damp cloth to remove traces of the baking soda
  • Clean the exteriors glass with vinegar and water, or an eco-friendly glass cleaning product
  • Be extremely careful with oven cleaner on natural stone surfaces, it makes it very easy to damage
  • Even after utilizing commercial products with instructions, there's still a chance to damage your oven. Be careful spraying oven cleaner on stainless steel surfaces.

Together with the tips above, you can keep your oven racks gleaming and maintain the overall cleanliness of the appliance! Don't want to do clean the oven yourself? We provide oven cleaning services throughout the Sydney Metropole and we provide free oven cleaning for any end of lease clean booked online.

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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