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The Ultimate Chores List For Your Home in 2024

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Is this the year you’ve decided to keep your home clean? Perhaps you’re tired of never being able to get ahead of household chores, or sick of living amongst dirt, dust, and untidiness! Well, whatever the case may be, in any home, there is a list of chores that needs to be completed in order to maintain a clean and organised home. Most of these are common or basic tasks that are applicable in all households so this list will definitely help you stay on track!

Now, you’re probably thinking that a list of all household chores sounds long and overwhelming, but the good news is that they can, and should be categorised as daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. In doing so, you end up with fewer things to do on a regular basis. More importantly, doing household chores becomes manageable when you organise tasks by frequency. 

How to Create a Chores List For Your Home

You have to remember that not everyone has the same cleaning requirements or home chores to address. Every house and individual is different, and therefore, one must make a list of chores that they see fitting for their household goals. 

Look around, and think about the things you need to do before you can say that your house is clean, neat, and organised. Also consider the chores or tasks that require daily or weekly attention, and be sure to list them down. At the end of the day, your chores list must meet yours and your family’s needs.

If you’re still wondering how to go about this, don’t worry because MaidForYou is here to share the ultimate chores list to help keep your home in tiptop condition all through 2024! Let’s begin. 

Daily Chores

It’s usually the little things that make a big impact when it comes to maintaining a neat and clean home. Small tasks are also much more appealing as compared to the bigger, weekly chores! One becomes habituated to daily chores far more easily, too, with the added bonus of staying motivated to take on other tasks that aid in keeping cleanliness and order in check.

Here is a detailed list of daily chores to get you started.


Many people, especially teenagers, believe that because their bedroom is their personal space, they can leave it as dirty and messy as they want. On the flipside, if people experienced the joy of having a clean and organised bedroom, they would strive to keep it that way!

Remember, a little goes a long way so don’t miss out on these daily bedroom chores:

  • Make your bed every morning 
  • Clean and tidy up your bedside table
    • Organise wires/charging cables and other items
    • Dust the table and lamp
  • Put away clothes that are lying around
  • Do your laundry (1-2 loads if necessary)
  • Tidy up other surfaces that are cluttered with personal belongings
  • Put things back in place - perfumes, cosmetics, skincare products, grooming tools, etc

Living Areas

There’s a lot that happens in the living room and other areas where the family gathers. This is why you will find living areas to be the most dusty and disorganised spaces in the house. We advise encouraging everyone to play an equal role in maintaining these shared spaces with a little tidying up before they leave the room. 

Take a look at these daily chores for a better understanding:

  • Pick up anything that doesn’t belong in the room and take it with you when you leave
    • If you’ve had a snack or beverage, pick up the plate and glass
    • Charging cables for laptops, tabs, phones, etc, should be unplugged and organised, or taken back to where they belong
    • Pick up shoes and jackets; put them on your shoe rack/coat rack respectively
    • Pick up your kid’s and/or pet’s toys
  • Straighten out your couch and sofa cushions
    • Fluff the cushions and pillows to help retain their shape after sitting or lying on them
    • Dust off pet hair and other debris
    • Address stains immediately
    • Fold blankets neatly
  • Sort out mail, papers, and delivery packages from online shopping
    • Put cardboard boxes in the recycle bin soon after opening to prevent them from piling up in a corner
  • Keep pet hair to a minimum with daily cleaning
    • A handheld vacuum is great for removing fur from your couch and other upholstery, as well as cleaning pet beds
    • Vacuum rugs and carpets daily to prevent pet hair from accumulating and being tracked to other areas in your home


If you prepare meals on a daily basis, your kitchen might need a little more attention than other rooms. No matter how careful you are, cooking leads to inevitable spills and splatters which must be cleaned up sooner rather than later.

Here’s a breakdown of daily kitchen chores:

  • Wash the dishes
    • If you have a dishwasher, a good daily practice is to avoid keeping dirty dishes in the sink and allowing them to pile up; instead, rinse and load them in the dishwasher, and run a cycle as soon as it fills up
    • If you clean your dishes by hand, be sure to wash the dirty items as soon as you’re done with them to avoid the dreaded pile up
  • Keep counters clean with regular wipe downs
    • Wipe up spills and crumbs from your kitchen counters immediately
    • Use an all-purpose spray to clean the countertops at the end of the night
  • When cool to touch, clean your stovetop and exterior with a cleaning spray to prevent buildup of food debris
  • Wipe down the sink and surrounding area to remove grime and detergent spills
  • Take out the trash


If you don’t adopt a few daily cleaning practices for your bathroom, you will end up with a really grimy mess that nobody wants to clean! While deep cleaning is necessary every week, you can make the job simpler by cleaning your bathroom daily. 

Here are the bathroom cleaning chores one ought to do on a daily basis:

  • Clean your shower drain after every use 
  • Rinse the bathroom floor tiles after you shower, and be sure to squeegee the water into the drain before drying the floor with a lint-free cloth
  • Don’t let water sit on the floor as it can lead to stains with foot traffic; use a mop or cloth to keep the bathroom floor dry
  • Rinse and wipe down the sink
  • Spot clean spills and splatters caused by toothpaste, cosmetics, lotions, and other skin and hair products
  • Do a daily round up of clothes hanging in the bathroom that need to be laundered or stored elsewhere

Weekly Chores

Every week, you will need to pay more attention to specific areas and tasks. If left unattended for more than a week or two, there will be an overwhelming buildup of dust, dirt, and grime. Overall, completing weekly chores ensures that your house is clean, sanitary, and maintained to your satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at these all-important weekly cleaning chores.

Living Room/All Areas:

  • Remove cobwebs/dust ceiling
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Dust furniture thoroughly
  • Vacuum floor and rugs/carpets
  • Mop the floor
  • Wash windows
  • Vacuum couch and other upholstery
  • Tend to indoor plants (dust and spray leaves with water)
  • Clean pet beds
  • Launder doormats


  • Organise cluttered counters and other surfaces 
  • Clean exteriors of kitchen appliances and cabinet/drawer fronts with a cleaning solution
  • Degrease the kitchen sink, faucet, and surrounding areas
  • Scrub kitchen counters to make them shine again
  • Clean stove burners and grates
  • Wipe down the interiors of your oven and microwave
  • Clear out old or expired food products from your refrigerator and pantry
  • Ensure that storage cabinets are well-organised
  • Refresh your dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • Clean and sterilise your garbage bins


  • Launder bed linen
  • Spot treat stains on your mattress
  • Organise clothes in your closet
  • Clean mirrors


  • Launder bath, hand, and kitchen towels 
  • Clean the toilet bowl, seat, and lid
  • Scrub the bathtub 
  • Clean wall and floor tiles
  • Clean shower door/curtain
  • Wipe down bathroom fittings
  • Clean and organise bathroom vanity

Monthly & Seasonal Chores

The required frequency for the chores mentioned below will depend on where you live, and how different areas of your home are used. While some households and families might need to do them monthly, alternate months may be better suited to others. Remember, it’s up to you to determine what works best for your family and home cleaning goals!

With that, here are the monthly and seasonal chores to be noted.


  • Dust pieces/areas that are missed on a daily and weekly basis
    • These may include artwork, vents, speakers, doors, walls, mouldings, baseboards, etc
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Clean narrow spaces between furniture/appliances and walls/flooring
  • Deep clean couch and sofa cushions
  • Steam clean or shampoo carpets and rugs
  • Launder curtains, cushion covers, and throw pillow covers
  • Wipe and sanitise high-touch areas/items
    • Remotes
    • Switchboards and switches
    • Knobs and handles
    • Armrests and backrests
  • Deep clean kitchen appliances inside and outside
  • Clean on top of kitchen cabinets and refrigerator
  • Clean and replace filters in appliances and HVAC systems (when applicable)
  • Clean your dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • Degrease exhaust fans
  • Deep clean stove chimney
  • Deep clean your mattress and flip/rotate it
  • Launder bed pillows
  • Clean out and reorganise drawers in your dresser, closet, and bedside table
  • Organise your closet, shoe, and bag storage
  • Clean bathroom grout
  • Clean and unclog shower head with white vinegar
  • Wash the toothbrush holder

Seasonal Chores:

  • Sweep and wash a patio, balcony, porch, deck, and other outdoor areas
  • Deep clean outdoor furniture
  • Clean and unclog rain gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect caulking (and repair if needed)
  • Clean and organise your garage, basement, and attic
  • Test smoke alarm batteries (replace if needed)
  • Clean the fireplace and chimney
  • Have your HVAC systems professionally serviced
  • Purge and organize your closet
  • Clean and organise all storage units; discard unwanted items

Scheduling and consistency go a long way when it comes to keeping a home clean, tidy, and sanitary. With the ultimate chores list above at your fingertips, and further categorised into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks, all you need to do is stay disciplined to achieve your goals! You won't need to do the dreaded deep or end of lease clean when you move out, as your home is well maintained. The mantra of remembering to do small chores on time means having less work to do when the bigger chores come around! We've even created a FREE printable checklist for you to download, print, and stick on your fridge. 


Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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