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10 Crucial Things to Consider When Moving Houses!

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From the moment you know that you will be moving house, the stress (and sometimes even panic) sets in. Just the thought of what has to be done, and how much time and energy it will take to do it, can be very overwhelming. This is completely normal; however, we encourage people to overcome that initial phase of stress and worry by wasting no time in putting a solid plan together.

The importance of planning every last detail of what goes into moving from one house to another is crucial in simplifying the process and ensuring that things go smoothly. While there will still be some amount of stress involved and perhaps, a few surprises along the way, it makes a world of difference to have a plan that helps you stay on schedule and prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

With that said, let’s get right to our list of 10 crucial things you should consider when moving houses.

1. Estimate Costs

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Buying a house or the cost of a down payment for a rented home is expensive enough; unfortunately, your expenses don’t end there when moving house. Apart from bigger costs involved such as hiring a moving truck and buying packing supplies, there are little expenses that add up to a lot more than you think.

When you have a rough estimate of the costs involved, you can come up with a budget that is feasible for you, and continue to plan your move within it. Here are some of the most common expenses one is likely to incur when moving:

  1. Hiring a moving company (significantly higher when moving to another state or country)
  2. Hiring packers (optional)
  3. Buying packing supplies (typically a recurring expense unless bought in bulk)
  4. Re-activating utility services such as cable and Wi-Fi
  5. Move-out and move-in cleaning by a professional (optional)
  6. Extra gas money for running more errands than usual
  7. Ordering takeout due to lack of time to cook
  8. Additional expenses associated with moving into your new house
  9.  The costs associated with installing a home security system in your new home

2. Make Up a Packing Schedule

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More often than not, the process of packing up all your belongings is what tends to get ahead of you. While weeks or months may seem like a long time, before you know it, you are counting down the days till you move and thus, begins the race against the clock! This is exactly the kind of situation you can avoid by simply making up a packing schedule to keep you on track.

The most efficient and beneficial way to do this is by having a timeline wherein you mark how much of your stuff you want to have packed by a certain date. For example, if you have two months till moving day, you should have at least 60%-70% of your belongings packed at the end of the first month. This is because as the date draws closer, you will find a lot of last-minute things to do piling up.

3. Declutter Before You Move

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Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your current home, you and your family will have accumulated some form of clutter that shouldn’t be transferred to your new home. A lot of first-time movers make the mistake of taking everything with them even if the chances of them using certain items are very slim. Avoiding this relocation error will not only help you maintain a cleaner and more organized home when you move, but it also cuts down your packing time.

Having lesser things to pack will be an absolute blessing while the act of giving or donating things that you don’t need anymore will be a blessing for others! What’s more, decluttering before you pack will increase the amount of storage space you have in the new house.

4. Do Your Own Packing

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Hiring a movers and packers company is tempting. There are definitely a lot of pros to having a team of packers come in and do all the work while you supervise them; however, this typically comes at a hefty price. Of course, a last-minute move may leave you with no other option than to hire a trusted movers and packers company if you don’t have enough helping hands for the job.

For homeowners that do have ample time to pack without the help of hired professionals, it is highly recommended. Apart from saving a ton of money, you are in full control of the entire process which gives you peace of mind knowing that fragile items and belongings with sentimental value will be handled carefully.

5. Be Prepared to Clean the House(s)

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It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to assume that you are either selling your old home or leasing it out. In both cases, this means you will have to clean the house from top to bottom before handing over the key to the new owners/tenants. It's also a necessity when preparing your house for sale. Make sure you are prepared for this with regards to having the right cleaning products and tools, as well as the time required to clean the house thoroughly.

Similarly, if you are moving into a secondhand home or a newly constructed house, cleaning is in order. With a house that has been previously occupied, there will be traces of germs and indoor pollutants that need to be removed while a newly built house will most likely have fine dust and debris trapped in corners, narrow spaces and vents. It’s important to remove traces of dust particles and other pollutants before you move in as they can trigger allergies and cause other health problems. For a truly thorough, top to bottom clean of both houses, consider hiring a professional home cleaning service.

6. Set Up Utility Services at the New House

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Your telephone line, Wi-Fi connection, and cable TV may not seem like priorities, however, when you finally get to your new place, there will be a lot of unpacking and other things to take care of which leaves little time to get these services up and running. Moreover, for individuals who work from home or require the internet to complete school projects and the likes, Wi-Fi quickly becomes a necessity.

Most utility companies offer same-day service which is convenient if you are moving to a new area. Otherwise, it is more reassuring to call ahead of time and fix an appointment for the technician to come by and set up the desired utilities.

7. Have a Box (or two) of Essentials

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As the days go by and more and more stuff is boxed and sealed, you realise just what your essentials are to live day-to-day until you finally move. Now imagine being at your new house and having to scramble to find these items and unpack them; it sounds frustrating, inconvenient, and time-consuming.

To avoid this scenario altogether, list down the essentials you will require as soon as possible at the new house, and be sure to pack them together in one or more boxes. Label the boxes in bold letters on all four sides to locate them quickly and easily.

8. Book a Moving Company in Advance

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This is something people tend to leave till the last minute (perhaps, a week or so before the move); however, for more reasons than one, this can be a very risky thing to do. On the one hand, hiring moving companies is subject to their availability, and on the other, you may not have enough time to research companies and compare prices.

Apart from this, it’s important to get to know who your movers are and do a background check on their company to ensure that they are trusted and recommended. This will give you the reassurance that your belongings are safe and will be delivered on time.

9. Plan Your Meals for When Things Get Hectic

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Closer to moving day and post-moving day, cooking is typically out of the question because most of your kitchen is in boxes, or you simply do not have spare time to prepare meals. This is when you will have to rely on takeout or food delivery apps for most of your meals.

While your current location is a place you are familiar with, you may have to do some research to scout out the best restaurants and cafes around your new house where you and your family can dine at or order takeout from. Similarly, it helps to know which places on food apps are recommended before ordering from them.

10. Make a Moving Checklist

A moving house checklist created by Hire A Helper

source: Hire A Helper

It may seem like extra work but taking the time out to make a moving checklist certainly comes in handy. This is where you will list down all the things you need to do pertaining to the move, big and small. Don’t worry about making a complete moving checklist the first time around; simply add tasks as and when you think of them so that they are not forgotten later.

Within the checklist, have two columns to separate high priority and low priority tasks. This way you understand what you need to do first as opposed to looking at a long list of tasks that overwhelm you. What’s more, checking off tasks as and when they are completed is a very satisfying feeling!

If you are going to be moving houses in the near future, take a deep breath, and then take a close look at these 10 crucial things to consider for an organised move!

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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