Tips to Organise Your Entire House… and Keep it Organised!

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Lack of tidiness within your home is usually the first indication that you’re an extremely busy person! A hectic day-to-day schedule leaves you with very little free time to keep even one room organised, let alone your entire house. Things get moved around in a haphazard manner, left out of place and, more frustratingly, end up misplaced!

While tidying up every room in your home will certainly take some time, with the right organising system in place, you can maintain a neat living space without doing much or spending a lot of time on the same. It only takes a small amount of self-discipline to stick to the system and just like that, you can keep a neat and tidy home every day!

With that said, let’s get right to those useful tips on how to organise your entire house once and for all!

Easy-to-Access Storage Goes a Long Way

If it’s difficult or time-consuming to put things away, most people will be demotivated to do so. Easily accessible storage plays a huge role in how willing one is to organise and tidy up a room, simply because it requires a small amount of time and effort to do it. For example, if you have clutter getting in the way of simply reaching for a storage box that holds your cosmetics, you’re likely to leave the items lying on the dresser instead. Therefore, it’s important to plan your storage spaces in the most convenient manner which will make organising that much easier and quicker.

Incorporate ‘Organisers’ Wherever You Can

From storage containers to drawer dividers; as the name suggests, these organisers truly help to keep things organised! For example, a messy drawer with random items dumped on top of each other can be neatly organised with drawer dividers, making it easier to find things and, of course, put away. Similarly, storage baskets and/or matching jars for your pantry are an absolute must if you want to keep things organised once and for all! You can even get clever when it comes to organisers by colour-coordinating them by type, frequency of use, and so on.

BONUS TIP: Use labels! They help locate and organise items faster.

Organise One Room at a Time

If you’re dealing with a very disorganised space, tidying up can be overwhelming, to say the least. Furthermore, attempting to organise more than one room at a time only adds to the stress and frustration of the task at hand; hence, we advise focusing your attention on one room before moving onto the next.

Here are a few tips on how to go about organising a room:

  • Divide the room into sections
  • Start organising the biggest ‘mess’ first
  • Clear a large enough space where you can sort through contents swiftly and efficiently; a large table or the floor can be used for this
  • Keep an empty box or bag handy to hold items to be donated or discarded
  • Use organisers to place items back in their respective storage spaces

Don’t Rush the Process

Yes, it is going to take a couple of days off (or weekends) to organise your entire house, but that’s truly the best part! There’s no need to overwhelm or tire yourself out by trying to get everything done in one day; instead, take your time to ensure that you are organising in the most systematic and efficient manner. Perhaps, you can make a schedule that best suits your day-to-day routine which will allow you to complete one room or area on a specific day. For example, if the kitchen has too many areas that require reorganising, devote one day to your kitchen cabinets, and another to organising the pantry. The important thing to remember here is to not rush the process if you want to organise your house to the best of your ability!

Get Your Clothes in Order

A major problem in many households is disorganised clothes! They seem to end up everywhere no matter how hard you try to organise them. Well, the solution to this problem is having the right organising system in place! Of course, this will require more discipline on your part, however, after developing the following habits, you’ll never have to worry about disorganised clothes in your home again!

  • Get rid of clothes you don’t want or use anymore to free up closet space
  • Separate small items from big ones; using separate drawers for socks and innerwear is advised
  • Organise clothes by frequency of use; store seasonal clothing on the top or bottom shelves
  • Club similar items together or colour-coordinate
  • Fold and put away washed laundry as soon as the items are dry
  • Have a place to hang up jackets or used clothes that you don’t intend on washing immediately
  • Eliminate ‘dumping zones’ for clothes such as chairs or stools in your bedroom
  • Keep a hamper in your bathroom to avoid hanging up dirty clothes or dumping them elsewhere
  • Find the Source(s) of Clutter; Organise Accordingly

In order to organise your entire house, you need to figure out why it ends up getting so messy in the first place. In most cases, the root cause of a disorganised home is none other than clutter! Nevertheless, there is a way to conquer this problem once and for all. The first step you need to take is to identify the sources of clutter in your own house; it could be clothes piling up, magazines and newspapers accumulating, too many shoes and not enough storage, etc. Once you’ve figured out what causes clutter in your home, you can tackle it accordingly and organise spaces the way you’d like to.

In conclusion, the key to organising your entire house is to have a designated place for everything, and secondly, it’s important to reconsider what possessions you really need, and what you need to let go of to eliminate clutter for more helpful resources on keeping your house presentable check out our 9 tips that will keep your home clean and tidy.

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