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Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need for Spring Cleaning

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Well, the winters are over and the refreshing spring is here! While spring is as much as about getting out of the house, enjoying the blooming ambiance with your family, and yet, along comes the season for spring cleaning too. We definitely don’t want to spoil the mood, but here’s a gentle reminder.

Just like you, your house has also been through a lot of blues during the winters. You know, the stains, spots, dust, and whatnot. On top of that, if you have kids or pets, that’s a different kind of story altogether. Yes, the windows and walls are on your priority list. However, take a moment and think what took the most beating and still kept the house warm all the time!

The carpets. Remember, how they took over the floor and felt so soft and warm while the world was freezing? It’s time for payback. Carpets are your long-term buddies and it’s important to take good care of them. Here are the best non-toxic and easy carpet cleaning hacks to help you out with the carpet cleaning for your spring maintenance.

Dab It Dry


As tempting as it seems, don’t start off with rubbing the carpet stain. Why? Because, firstly, it spreads the stain to a larger area. Secondly, rubbing it with the cleaning solution makes the stain seep into the deeper layers of the carpet and damages the carpet fabric and colour. The correct and safe way to deal with the blot is to dab it dry. Take a piece of cloth and dip it in the cleaning solution of your choice. Dab the stain over and over. The dipped cloth or cotton swab would slowly wet the stain and soak it in. If the stain is difficult, don’t hurry it up. Take your time. While blotting the stain, remember to go inward. This will help the blot stay in its place and not spread out.

Ironing the Stain


Another tool to crack the smears is your iron. The method is simple and effective. In order to work on the spot, first remove all the dirt particles using the vacuum cleaner. Once, the solid particles have been dealt with, you can now focus solely on the smudge.
Now, the second step would be to make a solution by mixing the white vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:3. With the help of a cloth, dab the mixture on the stain and leave it on for like 5-10 minutes.
After the solution is set, place the wet cloth or towel over the stain. Heat the iron and place it on the towel. The heat would evaporate the solution and rip the stain off of the carpet, leaving a little or no smudge there at all.

The Dependable Baking Soda


That simple-looking baking soda powder has amazing powers. Don’t let it sit in your kitchen. With some quick and easy steps, this magical powder can bring the best out of your dull and dusty carpet.

Baking soda especially comes into the scene if your carpet has had some oil spills or suffers from the greasy stains which can really leave you scratching the head. Trust us, You wouldn’t look for any other trick after trying this one out.

All you need to do is, take a wholesome amount of baking soda and cover the stained area with it. Leave it like that for a while. When the powder has soaked up all the oiliness, it would be visible to you in the form of dry cakes. Bring on the vacuum now and clear all the crusts. Make the leftover lighter stains with the above dabbing technique.

DIY Deep Cleansing Solution


In short, most of the cleaning ingredients come in handy and are easily found in the kitchen cabinet. This DIY carpet solution is a breeze to make. Not only is it economical, but it also saves you from the health hazards of using toxic chemicals used in the commercial cleaning products.

So, what’re you waiting for! Let’s get on with the recipe. You will need a three-quarter cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, a quarter cup of white vinegar, few drops of essential oils, 2 tablespoons of dish soap, and 2 tablespoons of any fabric softener of your choice.

Mix all these ingredients in one gallon of hot (not boiling) water. Pour it into the carpet cleaning machine and voila! This DIY carpet cleaner can get rid of the most stubborn odours and germs. All the things are easily available in the kitchen or any chemist shop.

Bring Back the Fluff


Honestly, the carpet takes it all. We walk on it, crush it with heavy furniture, spill over it, sometimes even lie down on it. With time, the carpet loses its liveliness. The softness and shagginess would also disappear. But worry not, you can bring it back to life with some easy as pie ideas.

There are three ways to do this. One is mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Spray it over the affected area. Take a towel or soft cloth and soak away the extra moisture. Use the heated iron on the towel to dry the carpet completely and bring the fluff back.

Do the same with ice cubes. Place ice cubes on the flattened area. When these have melted, absorb the water with a piece of cloth. Remember that don’t press it too hard while dabbing.

Another brilliant idea is to apply some shaving cream on the crushed spot and leave it like that. After a while, simply comb the carpet fibres with the help of your fingertips and make the carpet look new again.

Ice Cubes for Sticky Gums


Maintaining carpet needs a ninja-level cleaning skill if you’ve kids at home. As if the food spilling wasn’t enough to deal with, now comes the sticking of gums. It becomes worse when the chewing gum has been crushed there while still soft. In this case, it tangles badly.

While playing a tug of war sounds obvious, it would only pull the carpet fibres out and damage the fabric. To your surprise, removing gum is not troublesome at all. Don’t believe us?

Try this out.

Place a few ice cubes on the sticky area. The ice would kind of freeze it and harden the gum, making it easy to pull it out. Use a blunt thing like a spoon or a butter knife to remove the gum without causing much damage to the carpet.

The Troublesome Pet Hair


Of course, pets are cute and love us unconditionally. However, having them around can mess with the carpet as they shed a lot of pet hair which is difficult to clean. If not removed regularly, people may develop an allergy and health issues.

Don’t lose your sleep over this, though. It is possible to separate the pet hair from the carpet without getting a headache. This is where you brace yourself with the squeegee. Wet this cleaning tool and use it over the carpet just like you’d on the windows.

Drive off the Odour


Carpets used for so long give off a gross smell which can be equally embarrassing in front of the family members as well as guests. The dirt, spills, pet hair, and pet feces, can all create havoc in the life of the carpet. Tackle with the odour head-on with these brilliant cleaning tips.

Sprinkle a sufficient amount of baking soda all over the rug. If you want, replace it with borax for a more powerful result. You can also mix 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil in the powder. Leave it for a while and vacuum it to drive away from the smell.

Vacuuming the Right Way


Not every carpet deserves to be treated in the same way. Vacuum cleaning can be too harsh for some delicate rugs. It is better to avoid such intense suction application over the shag. What you can do is, simply use the hose attachment and clean the rug.

In this way, even if you’ve hair and other dirt particles stuck in the long weaves of the carpet, you can get it all out without disturbing the quality and fabric of the shag carpets. Now, flaunt your lively carpet to others and receive some serious compliments.

Some Additional Tips


To sum up, we have got you covered from every angle and made carpet cleaning an easy-breezy task for you. Nevertheless, these extra tips would be like a cherry on the cake. Be patient while cleaning the rugs. Trying too hard without much thinking would only cause more harm.

Use a border of average rugs or runners to surround the plush carpets. To protect them further from outside dust, you may opt for shoe covers while coming back home and walking on the carpet.

If you can, invest in a DIY retail carpet cleaning machine. You'll get better cleaning results in a more efficient way, especially if you have pets.

These tips enhance the lifespan of the carpets and keep them new and bright for a longer time. If you're not wanting to DIY then book our professional carpet cleaning service today.

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