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Your End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Living Areas

Vacuum Closet Space

Vacuum Carpets

Mop Floor*

Clean Inside Windows

Wipe Down & Scrub of Window Sills

Remove Cobwebs

Scrub & Cleaning of Skirting Boards

Cleaning of Mirrors

Spot Cleaning Walls

Thorough Cleaning of All Window Tracks

Wiping Down Light Switches

Cleaning Inside Cupboards or Drawers


Grease Removal From Stove Top, Rangehood and Overhead Fan

Thorough Cleaning of Inside Cabinets/Drawers

Wipe Down Oven and Door Handle

Wipe Down Top of Cabinets And Handles

Spot Cleaning Walls

Interior Window Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Wiping Down Light Switches

Scrub & Cleaning of Skirting Boards

Mop Floor

Deep Clean Sink


Scrub & Clean Toilets and Sinks

Tile Grime Removal

Scrub & Clean Showers & Tubs

Scrub & Clean Inside Bathroom Cupboards

Clean Soap Dish

Clean Mirrors

Clean Shower Head 

Cleaning of Mirrors

Spot Cleaning Walls & Wall Tiles

Interior Window Cleaning

Wiping Down Light Switches

Scrub & Cleaning of Skirting Boards

Mop Floor

All Areas

Dust Cabinet Doors

Clean Countertops

Vacuum Area Rugs

Polish Cabinet Doors

Tile Grime Removal

Spot Cleaning Walls Around High Touch Areas

Interior Window Cleaning

Cleaning All Hard Surfaces* 


Clean Refrigerator

Balcony/Garage/Patio Sweep

Full Wall Wash

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Granny Flat Cleaning

Blind, Shutter & Curtain Cleaning

Fly Screen Cleaning

Ceiling To Floor Windows

Fly-Screen Cleaning

Ceiling Fans

How Much Does Our End of Lease Clean Cost?

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom $340
2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom $410
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $450
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $600
5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $900
6 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms $1100
Clean Refrigerator Included Included
Oven Cleaning Included Included
Small Balcony Cleaning $45 Per balcony
Large Balcony Cleaning $75 Per balcony
Interior Window Cleaning Included Included
Interior Window Cleaning(4 Bed+) Included Included
Carpet Steam Cleaning $79 Per Room Per room
Additional Full Bathrooms(ea) $20 Per full bathroom
Additional Half Bathrooms(ea) $15 Per half bathroom
Exterior Window Cleaning $99 Standing level only
Fly Screen Cleaning $15 Per fly screen
Full Wall Washing $169 All interior walls
Ceiling Fans $15.50 Per ceiling fan
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*All Prices are inclusive of GST. If your home doesn't match these parameters, please contact us.

Sydney Bond Cleaning Services

Are you looking to impress potential buyers with an immaculate house on the market, or simply in need of a thorough move-in clean? Well then, we are MaidForYou! Our extensive experience in house and commercial cleaning enables us to take on the most challenging projects and conquer them with true professionalism. Regardless of what your real estate cleaning goals are (we know most of them revolve around obtaining your rental bond back), rest assured that MaidForYou's trusted end of lease cleaners are equipped with the skill, knowledge and experience to meet them.

Apart from move-in and move-out cleaning, we offer routine house cleaning and office cleaning services at affordable rates. With an all-round, professional cleaning staff, you don’t have to look too far because MaidForYou offers a variety of cleaning-related services under one roof. Simply contact us, let us know the kind of vacate cleaning service you’re looking for and we'd be happy to accommodate your needs.

Cleaning lady with her cleaning tools

End of Lease Cleaning

When it’s time to move out, end of lease cleaning is unavoidable. Of course, for homeowners and tenants relocating, it’s a lot of work added to an endless list of things to do. On the other hand, MaidForYou can take the burden of end of lease cleaning off your shoulders with a 100% guarantee to complete each cleaning task to your satisfaction. From washing interior windows to deep cleaning refrigerators and ovens; your end of lease cleaning will be carried out in the most thorough and efficient manner imaginable! We are a team of hardworking professional end of lease cleaners who pay close attention to detail with every cleaning task before us.

While we understand that there are many other professional end of lease cleaning companies in Sydney to choose from, MaidForYou pushes the boundaries to deliver nothing short of A++ cleaning results. If you have any special requirements or added cleaning tasks for your end of lease clean, just let us know and we will happily cater to them! Depending on what type of move-out cleaning goals you’re looking to achieve, we will work in accordance with them to ensure that you get the most out of our real estate cleaning service.

Our service aims to get your bond back in its entirety. We understand that being a tenant is difficult and that most consumers looking to purchase cleaning services to end their lease do so to save their time and get their rental bond back. Sometimes agents will require our cleaning teams to re-attend, and our service provision certainly allows for this. However, as a business, we are simply unable to accommodate requests to return more than 8-10 working days after a service has been rendered.

Our Step By Step End Of Lease Cleaning Process

Inspecting The Property

  • We first take pictures of any existing damages (letting you the customer know immediately).
  • If our cleaning teams see any other areas that are not covered in the booking but need cleaning,  we will ask you if you would like to add them to the booking.


  • We then pretreat oven-racks/trays of the oven and detachable parts of the rangehood, spray oven cleaning solution inside the oven, and degreasing solution on the range hood and on the stovetops.
  • If the toilet bowls are stained, we will pretreat the stain with acid and let it work its magic.
  • If the grout in between your bathroom and kitchen tiles is stained, your cleaning team will pretreat the grout also and let the pre-treatment work its magic.

The Bond Cleaning Process

As a general rule of thumb, our cleaning process is to start from top to bottom, this is the most time-efficient and productive bond cleaning method

  • We will start by removing cobwebs in ceiling corners and crevices.
  • Then, if applicable we will clean fans and vents.
  • After we will go back to the pretreated areas, to check if the chemicals have worked their magic.
  • We will then start from the top of the kitchen cupboards then the splashback and benchtop, lastly your cleaning team will thoroughly clean the bottom kitchen cupboards.
  • After the kitchen is completed we will begin to clean the windows, window tracks, and blinds (if applicable to your service). We make sure that this is done when there’s adequate sunlight to make sure it’s cleaned properly and no stain goes unmissed. Artificial lighting has a tendency to cause blinds spots on surfaces.
  • We will then move on to washing walls (where applicable) and, wiping down anything that’s on the walls (light switches, intercom, ac, power sockets, etc.).
  • Following we then wipe down doors and door frames.
  • We will wipe down all wardrobes, inside and outside along with mirrors and wardrobe door tracks (where applicable).
  • After that's done, we will move on to cleaning the laundry including any inbuilt appliances like your dryer.
  • Bathrooms are next to be cleaned, we will start with the tiles and grout then mirrors and vanities, lastly the toilet, showers, and bathtubs will be scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • After the bathrooms are cleaned the skirting boards throughout your home will be wiped down and de-dusted.
  • We will then vacuum floors along with all window tracks and sliding door tracks again (there may be bits of grime and dirt left in the tracks from prior cleaning).
  • If you have elected to have your carpets steam cleaned we will then steam clean carpets (making sure they're vacuumed at least 2 times).

Final Walkthrough and Check

After all the areas on our bond cleaning checklist have been completed, we will then do a thorough walk-through to fix any missed spots and if there are parts that can’t be cleaned thoroughly, we will take pictures and let you know.

Additional Notes On Our Bond Cleaning Process

  • When there are 2 cleaners working together, we will split the workload (usually 1 for completing the cleaning of the kitchen and 1 for the bathroom then 1 for the walls and 1 for the wardrobes, etc).
  • We are able to complete additional tasks on the day, however, tasks that require heavy machinery or equipment like pressure washing, carpet steam cleaning, or professional tile and grout cleaning will need to be booked in advance.
  • We generally do not dismantle any appliances to clean inside them, like the oven or dryer.

Move-In Cleaning

Whether you’re moving into a secondhand house or recently constructed a new one, move-in cleaning is the final step to take before you can begin to make your new house a home. It’s also imperative to have walls, floors and other household surfaces sanitised before you move in for health reasons. Here at MaidForYou, we understand the importance of a squeaky clean home and how to do the needful with our all-round move-in cleaning service. Again, we cater to special cleaning requests, some of which may be included in our service free of charge! On the other hand, we charge a nominal fee for added cleaning tasks such as front porch cleaning, exterior window cleaning, carpet steam cleaning etc.

Unlike the average cleaning service in Sydney, MaidForYou goes the extra mile to clean from top to bottom and side to side! You can be assured that all your move-in cleaning worries will be put to bed once our expert team gets to work. Customers can expect complete professionalism, efficiency and cooperation from our cleaning staff to ensure that the work is carried out to your satisfaction on every occasion. What’s more? We don’t use harsh chemicals or average cleaning equipment. All of our products are environmental-friendly while our equipment is high-quality, constantly maintained and upgraded.

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MaidForYou is here to take care of all your real estate cleaning needs like true professionals should. Whether you are a landlord, a property manager, or a real estate agent you will love our full range of service at the best price.

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Proven Rental Bond Returns With Our End OF Tenancy Cleaning Service

Our professional cleaners are ready to help you get your deposit back by making sure that your property is left spotless and clean for the next tenant. Whether it’s carpets, ovens, bathrooms, windows or more – we can take care of all aspects so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all!

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