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Glebe is part of a local government area that is located three kilometres southwest of Sydney CBD. The streets and the buildings in the place give a European feels. There are plenty of parks, river bays and lots of trees which make the suburb very green. Others said that the suburb also has a bohemian vibe, especially when you visit their weekend market or other local festivals. Every day, more and more people are discovering Glebe and the good things that the place offers –restaurants, beautiful streets, good houses, unique vibe and pleasant atmosphere.

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Why do you need MaidforYou for your home in Glebe?

Many times, vacuuming and mopping are not enough. You need deep cleaning, and that's where we come in. Deep cleaning is a specialised cleaning method to achieve a hygienic result. Did you know that failure to sanitise surfaces can cause illnesses? You may rarely sanitise your home as needed or never at all. Our exceptional cleaning services include advanced cleaning equipment and safe cleaning products, which not only take out dirt but also disinfect. Our cleaning efforts focus on killing bacteria and germs, especially in hard to reach areas reducing the chances of homeowners getting sick.

There are areas in your home that are often neglected; such as behind kitchen appliances, under the sink, ceiling corners and many more. If these areas are not regularly clean, it can lead to sanitation issues. It gives a place for dust and dirt build-up, thus causing mould and bacteria growth. If germs and bacteria are allowed to accumulate, it can be a health hazard.

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Hiring MaidforYou is a great way to better sanitise your abode. We have professional cleaners that will perform deep and detailed cleaning in your home to ensure not only cleanliness but also hygienic surroundings. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

What Makes Us Different

Every time we do business with you we see it as a chance to impress you.

We're insured and bonded so you're always safe!

All of our teams are hand-picked to be fun, outgoing, and awesome and they all pass a background check.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you're not happy, contact us within 24 hours and we'll come back and fix it. Still not happy? We'll refund you completely.

We are honest. It's that simple. The price quoted is our final price.

You can reach us almost anytime and get a response super fast..

We always use two-person teams to get your house clean better and faster.

We always use two-person teams to get your house clean better and faster.

Our Mission

We've all read a corporate mission statement. They all talk about how they will treat the customer right and provide the best products, but we all know that usually never happens. We promise we're different. We don't have a twenty page mission statement (it's two and if you really want to read the whole thing you can here.) Simply put our mission is this: Make every single customer say "Wow" with everything we do from customer service to our professional home cleaning. That's it It's really all about you.

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