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Reliable House Cleaners In Stanmore

When it comes to getting your home cleaned by a team of professional maids in Stanmore, NSW, why settle for anything less than the best? Residents of this beautiful Inner West suburb in Sydney deserve to have their homes serviced by trusted, skilled, and experienced house cleaners who will work tirelessly to provide excellent results on every occasion. For this, they needn’t look further than MaidForYou -- a Stanmore home cleaning service with a reputation that precedes them!

When you hire a reliable house cleaning service like MaidForYou, a neat and pristine home at the end of a service is a given. We are trained to clean home interiors to perfection with a matched ability to transform messy outdoor and commercial areas into neat and clean spaces! So, if guaranteed pristine cleaning results is what you’re after, you can expect nothing less when you book a Stanmore house cleaning service with MaidForYou!

white interior wardrobe after being thoroughly cleaned
white porcelain bathroom sink after being cleaned
grey carpet next to a white door after being steam cleaned

All-Round, Customised Cleaning Services in Stanmore, NSW

It’s never been more convenient to have all your home-related cleaning needs taken care of under one roof. Thanks to the wide range of services we offer, along with the option to customise a service to better suit your cleaning requirements, Stanmore homeowners can rest assured of a spick and span home waiting for them at the end of a long day. Our aim is to provide services that tackle every area of home and commercial cleaning, thus ensuring that you, the client, won’t have to lift a finger after we leave your property!

Whether you are looking for a recurring cleaning service for your Stanmore home, or a one-time service for those deep cleaning needs, MaidForYou has got you covered. Along with these sought after services, our team of experienced cleaners excel in other cleaning services including strata cleaning, pressure cleaning, construction cleaning, and office cleaning. To customise a service as per your unique requirements, get in touch with our friendly MaidForYou executives today!

Experienced, Vetted, and Friendly House Cleaners!

Our reputation as a top rated house cleaning service in Stanmore, NSW is largely owed to the fantastic cleaning staff working at MaidForYou. We searched far and wide to bring together Sydney’s most trusted and skilled cleaning professionals with years of experience under their belts, and it’s safe to say that we succeeded! Your experience with each member of our cleaning team is guaranteed to be a pleasant one thanks to their friendly and charming personalities!

Insured and bonded, all our house cleaners have been thoroughly screened, as well as tested for their level of cleaning abilities before being hired. Through this stringent hiring process, we were able to create a solid cleaning team with truly unmatched house cleaning skills and expertise in tackling the toughest home and commercial cleaning jobs. To know more about MaidForYou’s wonderful cleaning staff, take a look at our online customer reviews from old and new clients across Sydney!

Book a Stanmore Maid Service in an Instant

If life in this little yet busy Sydney suburb is getting in the way of your house cleaning duties, allow us to step in and take the burden off your shoulders. Residents of Stanmore, NSW are just a booking away from having all their cleaning needs met in the most professional and satisfactory manner!

For our clients’ convenience, we offer a simple online booking process that is 100% transparent, straight to the point, and quick to complete. In no time, you can fill out an online form to book any home cleaning service of your choosing with the option of flexible timings and add-on services for those extra cleaning needs. MaidForYou will then take care of the rest to ensure a 100% satisfactory experience with us from beginning to end!

We're providing house cleaning services within a stone's throw of Stanmore, we're also cleaning homes in Leichhardt, Camperdown, Glebe, Annandale and Newtown.

Booking Your House Cleaning At MaidForYou Is As Easy As 1-2-3

  • a depiction of step 1 in the process of booking a cleaner

    STEP 1

    Fill out our form for a tailored quote

    Kick off your path to a pristine home by filling out our short form. It's not just paperwork; it’s the first step to a home tailored to your standards. Tell us about your place—whether it's the kitchen, bathrooms, or living areas—so we can prepare a cleaning plan that’s just right for you.

  • Step 2 of the cleaner booking form showing added extras

    STEP 2

    Get a personalized cleaning service

    Every space has its quirks. Need extra attention on your kitchen after a big cookout? Or perhaps your living room carpets need rejuvenating? Customize your cleaning by selecting services that match your exact needs, ensuring your home is cleaned just the way you like it.

  • Step 3 of the booking form showing how often a service can be selected

    STEP 3

    Set up your cleaning schedule

    Choose how frequently our team visits your home. Opt for regular weekly cleanings to keep things consistently fresh, bi-weekly to spruce up as needed, or schedule a one-off deep clean for a special occasion. Set it up easily online and let us handle the rest, confirming all details to fit seamlessly into your life.

What Makes Us Different

Hesitant to hand over your keys? With MaidForYou, you can set those concerns aside. Our team members are not only insured and bonded but have also passed rigorous security screenings with flying colors. Feel free to go about your day in Stanmore or focus on your work, secure in the knowledge that your home is in the safest hands possible.
Curious about what makes our cleaners the best around Stanmore? It's all in the prep. Before anyone can claim a MaidForYou uniform, they've got to prove they’re up to scratch with rigorous checks and training. We're picky because we want only genuine pros turning up at your doorstep, ready to make your home sparkle.
We're so confident in the quality of our cleaning that we offer a standout 200% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely happy, just let us know within 24 hours, and we'll come back to make things right at no additional charge. And if you're still not satisfied? We offer a full refund—because your satisfaction is our top priority.
Fed up with hidden fees? So are we. That's why at MaidForYou, what we quote is exactly what you pay. We're committed to transparency, from our pricing to our polishing.
Life in Stanmore can throw unexpected twists your way. Whether you need to adjust your cleaning schedule or have a last-minute cleaning crisis, our team is just a quick message away. Known for our rapid and helpful responses, we ensure you get the support you need exactly when you need it.
Our cleaners are some of the happiest you'll find, and here’s why: We believe in fair pay for excellent work. This isn’t just a job for them; it’s a mission to make homes like yours in Stanmore shine. And with a whopping 95% job satisfaction rate, you can tell they love what they do. Expect nothing less than stellar cleaning every time they visit.
We send the same cleaning team every time. Cleaners working with MaidForYou, clean upwards of 1000 homes and work with us for years.
We work weekends. Can't be home to let us in during the week. Book Saturday and Sunday cleans. We're cleaning homes from 7am until 5pm daily.

House Cleaning Prices In Stanmore

Pricing General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out
1 Bedroom $154 $223 $390
2 Bedroom $168 $231 $450
3 Bedroom $203 $268 $550
4 Bedroom $248 $347 $660
5+ Bedroom $269 $397 $900
General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out

1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


Stanmore Cleaning Services

Why waste precious downtime on chores when you could be enjoying everything Stanmore has to offer?

Book with MaidForYou today and turn those cleaning days into your days off. Reclaim your time and enjoy a beautifully maintained home without the fuss.

Our Mission

Did you know the average person spends over 100 hours a year on household cleaning?

That’s a lot of lost time, especially in a place as vibrant as Stanmore. That’s what drives us at MaidForYou. We believe your hours should be spent enjoying life, not scrubbing floors. Our mission? To free up your time by handling the tedious task of cleaning, so you can live more and clean less.

We dive into the details, tackling everything from hidden dust to stubborn water spots, ensuring every inch of your home is spotless. This means you can hang up your cleaning gloves and spend your time doing what you love.

Leave the cleaning to us and rediscover the joys of living in a beautifully maintained home.

MaidForYou's Stanmore Cleaning Checklist


Our standard cleaning service is a more frequent cleaning option for a home that is already well-kept.

Living area after being cleaned
Bedroom, Living Room and All Common Areas
Empty bins
Vacuum and mop all floors
Dust and wipe down all surfaces
Dust furniture
Clean window ledges
Make beds (upon request)
Clean hallways, staircases
Quick de-clutter of floors
Wipe down electronics
Inside windows
Clean cobwebs
Clean light switches and doorknobs
Bathroom after having been cleaned
Clean all surfaces
Scrub toilets
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean sinks
Rinse and wipe bathtubs
Clean mirrors
Clean inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Large kitchen after end of lease cleaning
Wet wipe outside of fridge
Clean all surfaces
Wipe down outside of appliances
Clean sink
Clean stove
Wipe down outside of oven
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean range hood and filters
Clean inside oven
Clean Inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Living room after being cleaned
Optional Extras
End of Lease Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Inside Cabinets
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven
Interior Windows
Washing Dishes
Skirting Boards
Carpet steam cleaning
Move In/Out

Turn Cleaning Time into Your ‘Me Time’ in Stanmore

A Trained, Professional & Highly Experienced Cleaning Team
All Equipment & Chemicals Provided
Unlimited, Responsive Customer Service Through Live Chat, Phone & Email
Insured Service Against Damages

Service Exclusions

The following cleaning services are not provided by Maidforyou:

  • Chandeliers

  • Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

  • Light Fixtures

  • Biohazards
    (Excessive Mould, Blood)

  • Animal Waste

  • High Reach Areas
    (Must be within reach of a step ladder)

  • Gardening and Putting Dishes Away

Frequently Asked Questions

At MaidForYou, we've built a cleaning company our staff, cleaners, and customers are proud of. Where we always turn up (we don't believe in no-shows), our services come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, and we work with the best and highest-paid cleaning teams in Sydney.

We utilize the mantra that 'if it's good it isn't cheap and if it's cheap, isn't good.

Cleaning teams that work with MaidForYou, receive a higher level of remuneration than if they were to work with any other cleaning agency.

We believe a highly paid cleaner is a happy and motivated cleaner and this is reflected in the prices we charge.

For that reason our prices are slightly higher than our competition, however, you can rest assured knowing that you'll be exceptionally happy with our service.

We’re Committed To 200% Customer Satisfaction Each And Every Time

If you’re not happy with our work, we make it right!

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