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Professional House Cleaning Services in Bellevue Hill

Too many homeowners struggle to maintain a clean and tidy home for the simple fact that their day-to-day schedules are so busy. Moreover, few wish to spend their weekends tied up doing one household cleaning task after another. Well, if you can relate to any of this, you’ll be thrilled to know that a spotless home is just a booking away!

Residents of Bellevue Hill can breathe a sigh of relief now that MaidForYou is at their disposal for all home-related cleaning needs! Backed by many years of experience in the business, we have serviced countless homes across Sydney, and continue to grow our reach, much to the delight of homeowners in and around Bellevue Hill!

Brown carpet showcasing wand patterns post steam cleaning.
large dated laundry sink after end of lease cleaning
close up of balcony doors after being c leaned

What MaidForYou Can Do For You

To put it simply, we can take care of all the house cleaning you need while you sit back and relax. We are committed to providing home cleaning services that truly serve our clients, and ensure that all their needs are met. With an extensive range of cleaning services offered, we are certain that MaidForYou will be the perfect match for your home and family!

Right from standard cleaning packages and annual spring cleaning services, to end-of-lease cleaning and commercial cleaning services; we are equipped to take on all tasks and challenges put before us. On top of this, we provide customised cleaning services in Bellevue Hill, giving residents a chance to tailor a service to their unique cleaning requirements. What’s more, our cleaning schedules remain flexible so that you can conveniently fit appointments into your busy schedule.

Why Bellevue Hill Homeowners Trust Us Wholeheartedly!

It’s not easy to relinquish control, let alone allow a stranger into your home and give them full access to clean each and every room. We are fully aware of the concerns and skepticism that Bellevue Hill residents have surrounding the trust and reliability aspects of hiring a professional maid service and therefore, feel obligated to share our success story in finding the most trusted and respected house cleaners in Sydney.

From the very beginning, we made it our mission to hire only Sydney’s most trusted, experienced, and hardworking cleaning professionals who would meet our company’s high quality standards. It took countless hours to vet each candidate that applied for the job, and though many failed, it is safe to say that the ones that passed the test are simply irreplaceable! Till date, our cleaning staff has been well-received and respected for their level of integrity, trustworthiness, and of course, phenomenal cleaning results!

Book Your Cleaning Service In Bellevue Hill Today

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    Get an instant cleaning quote using our online form

    Provide the details of your home, including bedrooms and bathrooms to get an exact cleaning quote in 60 seconds. 

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    Do you require any extras?

    Choose any extra services that you require, including carpet steam cleaning and balcony cleaning. 

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    We provide discounts for regular cleaning services. Fill in the rest of our form and book. We'll be in contact within 20 minutes to confirm your booking and assign to our capable cleaning teams. 

What Makes Us Different

Our mission is to provide the very best service every time.
With full insurance coverage, you can rest knowing your home is in safe hands.
Our teams go through a stringent vetting process, so you only get the best of the best.
Our cleans come with a satisfaction money back guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.
The quoted price is our final price. Guaranteed no hidden charges or upsells.
Get in touch with our capable admin team via phone, email, or online chat.
We have a 4.8 star average rating on all review platforms.
Our professional cleaning teams work with us for years, so you'll always get the same cleaning teams.

Bellevue Hill House Cleaning Prices

Pricing General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out
1 Bedroom $154 $223 $390
2 Bedroom $168 $231 $450
3 Bedroom $203 $268 $550
4 Bedroom $248 $347 $660
5+ Bedroom $269 $397 $900
General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out

1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


Enjoy the Convenience of Quick Bookings and Managing Appointments

When you’re in a hurry to hire a reputed and reliable house cleaning service in Bellevue Hill, NSW, the last thing you want to do is read through endless terms and conditions, or have to deal with contracts. Fortunately, we do away with all of those unnecessary formalities and make it super fast and easy to book an appointment with MaidForYou on any day of the week!

All you need to do is pick a service, schedule a convenient time for the appointment and, if you wish, provide instructions for our house cleaners to follow; thereafter, we will take care of everything! For any assistance or guidance, feel free to contact us via call, email, or chat. You can also manage appointments and make changes as per your convenience - just give us a 48-hour heads up, and we are happy to accommodate your requests!

Hire the Best House Cleaning Service in Bellevue Hill, NSW!

Home to well over 10,000 residents, Bellevue Hill is a gorgeous harbourside suburb of Sydney, and is surrounded by Double Bay, Point Piper, Rose Bay, Edgecliff, Woollahra, and Bondi. For more reasons than one, real estate is sought after in Bellevue Hill with some prime locations offering stunning harbour views and attractive amenities around. Some of the most recognisable houses in the suburb include Fairfax House, Caerleon, Rona, Trahlee, and Aspinall House.

While Bellevue Hill is predominantly a residential suburb, there are a few commercial establishments including popular local restaurants and cafes like Entrepa on Birriga Rd, Bangkok Sidewalk, Pasta Pantry, and The Grumpy Baker, all located on Bellevue Rd. For some fun and relaxing time outdoors, Cooper Park, Bellevue Park, and Thornton Reserve all promise some great picnic spots, relaxation, and things to do to keep the whole family occupied!

Choose the Perfect Cleaning Service for Your Needs

Our Bellevue Hill cleaning services are not limited to standard or basic cleaning. While we do offer recurring cleaning which entails the use of a general cleaning checklist that is best suited for upkeep and maintenance of the home, you can avail just about any house-related cleaning service from MaidForYou.

At MaidForYou, we come highly recommended and cover all your house and office cleaning needs, including

Our Mission

MaidForYou started on a whim, we wanted to provide a fair trade service that provides a living wage to cleaners in Sydney. Our aim has always been to connect the very best home cleaningoffice and end of lease cleaners to residents all over Sydney. With a satisfaction money back guarantee our goal is to be the very first company you call whenever your home is in need of a clean.

MaidForYou's Bellevue Hill Cleaning Checklist


Our standard cleaning service is a more frequent cleaning option for a home that is already well-kept.

Living area after being cleaned
Bedroom, Living Room and All Common Areas
Empty bins
Vacuum and mop all floors
Dust and wipe down all surfaces
Dust furniture
Clean window ledges
Make beds (upon request)
Clean hallways, staircases
Quick de-clutter of floors
Wipe down electronics
Inside windows
Clean cobwebs
Clean light switches and doorknobs
Bathroom after having been cleaned
Clean all surfaces
Scrub toilets
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean sinks
Rinse and wipe bathtubs
Clean mirrors
Clean inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Large kitchen after end of lease cleaning
Wet wipe outside of fridge
Clean all surfaces
Wipe down outside of appliances
Clean sink
Clean stove
Wipe down outside of oven
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean range hood and filters
Clean inside oven
Clean Inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Living room after being cleaned
Optional Extras
End of Lease Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Inside Cabinets
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven
Interior Windows
Washing Dishes
Skirting Boards
Carpet steam cleaning
Move In/Out

We provide cleaning services to:

A Trained, Professional & Highly Experienced Cleaning Team
All Equipment & Chemicals Provided
Unlimited, Responsive Customer Service Through Live Chat, Phone & Email
Insured Service Against Damages

Service Exclusions

The following cleaning services are not provided by Maidforyou:

  • Chandeliers

  • Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

  • Light Fixtures

  • Biohazards
    (Excessive Mould, Blood)

  • Animal Waste

  • High Reach Areas
    (Must be within reach of a step ladder)

  • Gardening and Putting Dishes Away

Frequently Asked Questions

At MaidForYou, we acknowledge that on extremely rare occasions accidental damage can take place. That's why we are fully insured for damages, not only as a company but our cleaning partners we work with.

Our damage claim process needs to be followed to ensure that you are either reimbursed or have your item/fixture fixed in the quickest possible way.

We’re Committed To 200% Customer Satisfaction Each And Every Time

If you’re not happy with our work, we make it right!

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