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End Of Lease Cleaning Sutherland Shire

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End Of Lease Cleaning Services In Sutherland Shire

Are you worried that your property manager isn’t going to return your entire bond due to a lack of cleanliness? Are you looking for a vacate cleaning service that will put those worries to bed? Well, we offer end of lease cleaning in Sutherland Shire that leaves nothing to chance when your bond refund is at stake! 

At MaidforYou, we provide a detailed clean of your rental property, ensuring that the service is completed to a standard that is easily accepted by house owners in The Shire. Our bond cleaning service gives renters one less thing to worry about as they prepare for their forthcoming move. 

If you have any additional or specific cleaning requirements outside of a standard move out clean, we are happy to accommodate them to the best of our ability. Just let us know exactly what you are after, and we will do the needful!

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The Benefits Of Hiring Our Professional End Of Lease Cleaning Service

Apart from the time and energy that goes into deep cleaning an entire rental property, most non-professional cleaners don’t possess the skill and knowledge required to make a home immaculate. This is where MaidforYou truly shines!

On top of this, we supply our end of lease cleaners with a wide range of professional cleaning equipment and products, enabling them to address all types of common household grime, grease, and the likes. When dealing with stubborn dirt or stains in particular, the cleaning team at MaidforYou will work tirelessly to abolish the grime, and leave no spots behind!

The overall benefit of hiring MaidforYou’s end of lease cleaning service is that you get the perks of a truly professional cleaning result which, in turn, increases your chances of getting your bond back in full. 

What You Expect, We Deliver In Sutherland Shire

With the number of end of lease cleaning services Sutherland Shire renters and property managers have to choose from, it can be tedious to pick the right one. Fortunately, MaidforYou is the perfect fit for all your move out cleaning needs because we offer customised cleaning along with our comprehensive vacate cleaning packages. 

A typical bond cleaning service by us entails top-to-bottom, wall-to-wall cleaning of each room including bathrooms and the kitchen. We will remove cobwebs, spot clean the walls, scrub the floors and, if requested, steam clean carpets. Paying great attention to detail with every cleaning task before them, our two-member cleaning team will not disappoint you with their efficiency and thoroughness.

Withthat, it’s safe to say MaidforYou offers an end of lease cleaning service that is designed to meet the exit cleaning requirements stated in a lease agreement in Sutherland Shire. In other words, we deliver what is expected of us!

Why Sutherland Shire Renters Trust Us

To start off, we make clients feel comfortable with us by providing a free quote with no additional or hidden costs to pay after the service is completed. Secondly, our move out cleaners have passed rigorous screening checks, in-person interviews, and physical and ability checks that test their cleaning skills and knowledge. Their extensive experience in bond cleaning is just the icing on the cake!

Our cleaning staff is also fully insured and bonded while their effort to provide a satisfactory service is unwavering. If that wasn’t enough, MaidforYou’s vacate cleaning comes with a reliable 200% satisfaction guarantee — so, if you aren’t happy with the service, we will come back, and make things right for free! 

In addition to the above, Sutherland Shire is right to put their trust in us because we have been here many times before, and both renters and house owners have nothing but good things to say about their experience with us! For more on that, check out MaidforYou’s customer reviews on Google and our website.

What Makes Us Different

Worried about who you let into your home? Don't be. Our team is not just skilled— We’re also fully insured and bonded, protecting you and your property every step of the way.
Facing tough stains or dusty corners? Our expert cleaners are on it. They’re trained to tackle every challenge, ensuring your rental meets all inspection standards—essential for getting your bond back.
Not fully satisfied with our clean? Just give us a call within 24 hours. We’ll head right back and make it right, or you get your money back.
The price we quote is the price you pay—no hidden fees, ever. It’s that simple.
Unexpected changes in your moving schedule? We adapt quickly. Our responsive team is ready to handle any last-minute adjustments, ensuring our cleaning aligns perfectly with your moving timeline.
Our team isn’t just doing a job; they’re dedicated to leaving your place looking amazing. They love what they do, and it shows in the shine they leave behind.
We’re committed to being green. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions are powerful against grime but gentle on the environment, delivering a pristine clean without the ecological footprint.
Moving schedules can be unpredictable. We get that. That’s why our booking is as flexible as you need it to be. Let us work around your timetable, easing one of the biggest stresses of moving.

Sutherland Shire's Move Out Cleaning Pricing

Pricing General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out
1 Bedroom $154 $223 $390
2 Bedroom $168 $231 $450
3 Bedroom $203 $268 $550
4 Bedroom $248 $347 $660
5+ Bedroom $269 $397 $900
General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out

1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


Secure Your Deposit with a Spotless End-of-Lease Clean in Sutherland Shire

Ready to move but dreading the final clean? MaidForYou offers comprehensive end-of-lease cleaning services in Sutherland Shire, designed to alleviate the stress of moving and enhance your chances of securing your bond.

 We meticulously address every cleaning detail required by landlords so you can focus on your new home instead of old grime.

Book online, and our skilled professionals will thoroughly clean every area of your rental, from the stubborn stains in the kitchen to the dust bunnies hiding under beds. With us, you’re not just cleaning; you're securing your bond with a spotless finish.

Opt for MaidForYou and make moving simpler. Trust us to leave your place in pristine condition, ensuring you pass your final inspection without a hitch.

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Sutherland Shire or ‘The Shire’ is located in the south of Sydney, and is a local government area which is home to over 218,000 people. It is 26 kilometres away from Sydney central business district, and is made up of 50 suburbs and localities. Some of the most desirable places to live in the Sutherland Shire include Gymea, Sylvania, Caringbah, Miranda, and Cronulla. 

For anyone who has lived or visited The Shire, they will tell you of the many things you can do here, both outdoors and indoors. For starters, the 4-kilometre Cronulla Beach Walk has a lot to offer including rock pools, parks, cafes, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Sutherland Shire. The path runs between Wanda Surf Lifesaving Club and Bass and Flinders Point. For the best spots to watch whales during the migration season, or even otherwise, Cape Solander in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell, treats you to breathtaking coastline views and cool sea breeze!

A few noteworthy beaches in Sutherland Shire include the well-known Cronulla Beach and Oak Park Beach, as well as Shelly Beach, Wattamolla Beach, and Jibbon Beach. The Shire is also home to some great shopping malls/centres including Westfield Miranda, and Southgate Shopping Centre in Sylvania. Every Saturday, there is a Farmer’s Market held at Flora St in Sutherland where you can buy fresh local produce, and sample some delicious baked goodies and street food!

MaidForYou's Sutherland Shire House Cleaning Checklist


Our standard cleaning service is a more frequent cleaning option for a home that is already well-kept.

Living area after being cleaned
Bedroom, Living Room and All Common Areas
Empty bins
Vacuum and mop all floors
Dust and wipe down all surfaces
Dust furniture
Clean window ledges
Make beds (upon request)
Clean hallways, staircases
Quick de-clutter of floors
Wipe down electronics
Inside windows
Clean cobwebs
Clean light switches and doorknobs
Bathroom after having been cleaned
Clean all surfaces
Scrub toilets
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean sinks
Rinse and wipe bathtubs
Clean mirrors
Clean inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Large kitchen after end of lease cleaning
Wet wipe outside of fridge
Clean all surfaces
Wipe down outside of appliances
Clean sink
Clean stove
Wipe down outside of oven
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean range hood and filters
Clean inside oven
Clean Inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Living room after being cleaned
Optional Extras
End of Lease Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Inside Cabinets
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven
Interior Windows
Washing Dishes
Skirting Boards
Carpet steam cleaning
Move In/Out

We provide cleaning services to:

A Trained, Professional & Highly Experienced Cleaning Team
All Equipment & Chemicals Provided
Unlimited, Responsive Customer Service Through Live Chat, Phone & Email
Insured Service Against Damages

Service Exclusions

The following cleaning services are not provided by Maidforyou:

  • Chandeliers


  • Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

    Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

  • Light Fixtures

    Light Fixtures

  • Biohazards

    (Excessive Mould, Blood)

  • Animal Waste

    Animal Waste

  • High Reach Areas

    High Reach Areas
    (Must be within reach of a step ladder)

  • Gardening and Putting Dishes Away

    Gardening and Putting Dishes Away

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a highly-rated cleaning service used by thousands of customers in and around Sydney.

Our 200% satisfaction guarantee is our commitment to industry-shaking customer service.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the service, send us an email or give us a call within 48 hours of the service being rendered. We will then return within 72 hours to rectify any missed areas.

If you are still unhappy after the clean is completed, we will refund your money or apply a credit to your account - no questions asked.

We also ask clients and prospective clients to respect our fair go policy.

We have zero tolerance for any racism, discriminatory remarks, or behaviour that makes our cleaning teams feel uncomfortable.

Whilst we understand inviting someone into your home is not a small ask, this does not give anyone the right to wantonly behave in a condescending aggressive manner.

Our terms and conditions stipulate that our cleaning teams will use their discretion to leave a job where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

We’re Committed To 200% Customer Satisfaction Each And Every Time

If you’re not happy with our work, we make it right!

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