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Whether you are buying a new house, or moving to another rental home, if your lease is ending soon, and you have no intentions of renewing it, then an end of lease cleaning is definitely in order. You can undertake this task yourself, or choose the easier and more reliable option which is to hire a professional end of lease cleaning service in Rosebery, NSW.

At first, you may assume that the job at hand is manageable, however, when you get down to it, you will realise just how much there is to do! Unlike regular household cleaning, end of lease cleaning entails paying close attention to detail while deep cleaning each room in the house. This means that the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach is simply not good enough. Instead, you will be required to clean all those hidden and out-of-reach areas around the house unless, of course, your lease agreement mentions otherwise. With that said, a standard tenancy agreement typically states that the premises be clean and spotless at the time of moving out. Anything less may lead to the landlord withholding your bond, or simply paying you back a partial amount of the bond only.

The good news is that tenants in Rosebery, NSW can hire a top-rated end of lease cleaning service that will leave nothing to chance as far as cleaning is concerned!

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We Can Help You Get Your Rental Bond Back

While some factors to obtain a bond back (in full) such as damage to the property, loss of possessions, etc, are not within our control, we can guarantee that you won’t be questioned about the cleanliness of the place after we are done with it! Owing to our extensive experience in move-in/move-out cleaning, we understand what it takes to retrieve rental bonds, and promise clients a top-to-bottom, spick and span clean to help make the process quicker and easier.

Rest assured that we are equipped with quality cleaning tools and products that aid in achieving the desired end of lease cleaning results. This is especially important amongst house owners who have high expectations of how clean their home should be when returned by the tenant. Well, that’s exactly what MaidForYou can help you with! Give us a call today for an end of lease cleaning in Rosebery that never falls short!

What to Expect From Our End of Lease Cleaning Service

After the price and booking have been finalised, our thoroughly background checked, experienced, and reliable end of lease cleaning crew (typically a two-member team) will be sent to the given address for a quick inspection. At this time, you can decide whether you would like to avail more services upon discussing the nitty gritty with our end of lease cleaners. Rest assured that they will give you the best advice on the type of cleaning required to get your bond back.

As soon as the service has been scheduled, you can expect our cleaning team to come by and begin pre-treating areas that require a truly deep clean. We will use special cleaning formulas that safely break down tough grease and grime from kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Our entire end of lease cleaning process is aimed at providing an organised, effective, and time-efficient service that takes care of all your needs.

Book Your Rosebery End of Lease Cleaning Today!

From Tweedmouth Avenue to Mentmore Avenue, and surrounding areas, Rosebery is lined with gorgeous homes in beautifully-landscaped neighbourhoods. With a population of a little over 13,500 people, the locals here enjoy a mix of peaceful residential areas and buzzing streets around the commercial and industrial areas located on Gardeners Road. 

Head over to Botany Rd where the end of the street meets Epsom Rd and you will find the iconic Rosebery Hotel which, besides Lakes Hotel, is one of the most popular pubs in the suburb. There are also quite a few parks and reserves in Rosebery including Crete Reserve, however, you will find most locals and tourists gathering at the larger Turruwul Park which offers sports and recreation facilities. Whatever it is that you like to do in your free time, no one can deny that Rosebery, NSW is a great place to live, and offers a variety of fun and relaxing things to do in the suburb.

What Makes Us Different

Every time we do business with you we see it as a chance to impress you.
We're insured and bonded so you're always safe!
All of our teams are hand-picked to be fun, outgoing, and awesome and they all pass a background check.
200% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you're not happy, contact us within 24 hours and we'll come back and fix it. Still not happy? We'll refund you completely.
We are honest. It's that simple. The price quoted is our final price.
You can reach us almost anytime and get a response super fast.
Our cleaning teams are highly experienced, paid the highest rates in the industry.
We have a 95% job satisfaction rate among all of our cleaning service providers.

Rosebery House Cleaning Prices

Pricing General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out
1 Bedroom $154 $223 $390
2 Bedroom $168 $231 $450
3 Bedroom $203 $268 $550
4 Bedroom $248 $347 $660
5+ Bedroom $269 $397 $900
General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out

1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


1 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


3 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


4 Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


5+ Bedroom


Rosebery Cleaning Services

Are you looking for the right cleaning company to make your home or office look as good as new?

At MaidForYou, we come highly recommended and cover all your house and office cleaning needs, including

Our Mission

We've all read a corporate mission statement. They all talk about how they will treat the customer right and provide the best products, but we all know that usually never happens. We promise we're different. We don't have a twenty-page mission statement (it's two and if you really want to read the whole thing you can here.) Simply put our mission is this: Make every single customer say "Wow" with everything we do from customer service to our professional home cleaningoffice and end of lease cleaning. That's it It's really all about you.

MaidForYou's Rosebery Cleaning Checklist


Our standard cleaning service is a more frequent cleaning option for a home that is already well-kept.

Close up of modern clean lounge room
Bedroom, Living Room and All Common Areas
Empty bins
Vacuum and mop all floors
Dust and wipe down all surfaces
Dust furniture
Clean window ledges
Make beds (upon request)
Clean hallways, staircases
Quick de-clutter of floors
Wipe down electronics
Inside windows
Clean cobwebs
Clean light switches and doorknobs
Close up of bathroom with natural stone
Clean all surfaces
Scrub toilets
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean sinks
Rinse and wipe bathtubs
Clean mirrors
Clean inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Close up of clean modern white inspired kitchen
Wet wipe outside of fridge
Clean all surfaces
Wipe down outside of appliances
Clean sink
Clean stove
Wipe down outside of oven
Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
Clean range hood and filters
Clean inside oven
Clean Inside cabinets, drawers and shelves
Optional Extras
End of Lease Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Inside Cabinets
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven
Interior Windows
Washing Dishes
Skirting Boards
Carpet steam cleaning
Move In/Out

We provide cleaning services to:

A Trained, Professional & Highly Experienced Cleaning Team
All Equipment & Chemicals Provided
Unlimited, Responsive Customer Service Through Live Chat, Phone & Email
Insured Service Against Damages

Service Exclusions

The following cleaning services are not provided by Maidforyou:

  • Chandeliers


  • Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

    Wet Wiping Light Bulbs

  • Light Fixtures

    Light Fixtures

  • Biohazards

    (Excessive Mould, Blood)

  • Animal Waste

    Animal Waste

  • High Reach Areas

    High Reach Areas
    (Must be within reach of a step ladder)

  • Gardening and Putting Dishes Away

    Gardening and Putting Dishes Away

Frequently Asked Questions

Precautions we're taking post-covid lockdown

We are doing the following to minimize all risks, and to provide a safe working environment for our cleaning teams and customers

  • Disinfecting and sanitizing of high touch areas as standard throughout all service provision.
  • All cleaning teams are wearing masks and gloves for their protection.
  • We are encouraging customers and our cleaning teams to facilitate contactless trade.
  • Encouraging our cleaning and administration staff to get vaccinated.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it happens.
A large portion of our cleaning teams has received three doses of the vaccine. If you request a team that has had three doses of the vaccine we can definitely accommodate that request.

We’re Committed To 200% Customer Satisfaction Each And Every Time

If you’re not happy with our work, we make it right!

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