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9 Good Habits That Will Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Custom Blog Graphic 9 Good Habits That Will Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

Have you ever wondered how people keep a clean and tidy house without the help of a maid service? It almost seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, you know the old saying: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”!

When you look around your own home and see how messy and dirty it’s gotten, the first thing you think of is cleaning it. On the other hand, you’re less motivated because you know it’s only going to happen again (then you’re back to square one). So, what if there were a couple of simple measures you could take to keep your house clean and tidy for days on end? Believe it not, listed below are 9 habits that will keep your house looking its best without a dreaded cleaning routine that most people don’t have time and energy for! Read on.

  1. Wash Dishes After Every Meal

A photo of a woman washing her hands

Dirty dishes tend to pile up rather quickly, particularly in homes with kids. Obviously, no one enjoys cleaning up food gunk and grease while standing at the kitchen sink for a prolonged period of time. On the other hand, if you were to do the dishes after every meal (before they start to pile up), you’ll never have to worry about walking up to a sink full of dirty dishes!

  1. Fold and Put Away Laundry as Soon as it’s Dry

Ironing laundry room

We often leave our laundry out to dry a lot longer than it should be. This is typically done out of sheer laziness because, let’s be honest, folding and storing laundry can be a real snooze fest! While it may seem like a tough habit to develop, making it a point to fold and put away your laundry as soon as it dries. Avoid leaving it out overnight as you will be less likely to prioritize this task once you’ve started a new day with so many other things to do!

  1. Wipe up Spills Immediately

Wipe spell on the floor

Whether you spill juice on the counter or drop crumbs on the floors; acting swiftly can make a huge difference in the amount of time and effort you require to clean it up. Allowing spills to set or accumulate makes it that much harder to clean; hence, sparing a few seconds to pick up or wipe up food spills, will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

  1. Never Hold on to “Junk”

White and black clothing hung on a clothes rack

This one can be rather tricky because ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, right? Well, in this case, it all comes down to setting some ground rules when separating “junk” from useful items. Things like old magazines, non-working electronics, junk mail, worn-out shoes and other belongings that are no longer of use to you or your family, have got to go! If they’re good enough to donate or be used by someone else, that’s one way you can rid your home of things that are causing clutter and untidiness.

  1. Always Put Clothes Where They Belong

Woman wardrobe

Whether it’s clean laundry that goes into your closet, or dirty items that need to be dumped in the hamper, putting clothes where they belong will certainly help you keep your home cleaner and tidier. Similarly, when you come home and take off your coat or jacket, be sure to hang it up as opposed to dumping it on your bed or elsewhere. Clothes tend to end up lying around the house if you’re not diligent about putting them where they belong.

  1. Spare a Few Minutes a Day to Clean

Woman cleaning shelves

If you dusted your furniture and vacuumed your floors every other day, you wouldn’t have to spend a whole lot of time and energy in doing a thorough clean on your day off. The best part about a cleaning routine of this nature is that you are able to maintain a clean and tidy home without feeling exhausted by the end of it. All you need to do is make up a convenient schedule for yourself to vacuum, dust, and do other household cleaning tasks on different days of the week.

  1. Put Things Back in Place

Packing stuff

Often times, the mess in our home is caused by things left out of place. From phone and laptop chargers to hairbrushes and beauty products; we leave certain belongings lying around the place that only cause clutter and make for an untidy house! While this is something you’ve probably been doing for years, it’s rather easy to get into the habit of putting things back in place as soon as you’re doing using them. Just a little bit of self-discipline will do the trick!

  1. Tidy Up Before You Leave a Room

Woman watching tv

Picture this: you’re relaxing on the sofa and watching TV with a snack in one hand, and a beverage in the other; when you’re done, you switch the TV off and leave the room. Well, this isn’t an uncommon scenario for lots of people. Even though it would only take a couple of seconds to straighten out the sofa cushions and pick up a plate or glass from the coffee table, our sheer laziness keeps up from doing any of it! However, if you give it a try just once or twice, the results will definitely motivate you to tidy up a room before you leave it!

  1. Make Your Bed as Soon as You Get Out of it

Silver Macbook on a white bed

Don’t wait till after you brush your teeth or shower to make your bed; chances are that you’ll forget or overlook it because you’re in a hurry to eat some breakfast and leave the house. This means coming home to an unmade bed which, in turn, encourages more laziness or disorganization. Again, it only takes about a minute (or lesser) to make your bed, so it’s a rather easy habit to develop.

Yes, only good things can come from good habits, and that includes a clean and tidy home!

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Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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