The Best Kid (And Pet) Friendly Cleaning Products

The Best Kid (And Pet) Friendly Cleaning Products

As environmental and personal safety issues rise ever more to the forefront of the public consciousness, how to clean in a way that is “green” and family-friendly is becoming a hotly debated topic: Is it really possible to avoid the use of harmful chemicals while also killing dangerous bacteria?

Thanks to advances in research over the last five years, today most experts would answer “Yes” to the above question. And—best of all—it turns out that using products which are safe for children, pets, and the environment can actually save you money: Many of the best green cleaners can be sourced from common household products.

Some of the best kid and pet-friendly cleaning products are as follows:

  • Chlorine-Free Bleach. Chlorine bleach is the #1 cause of toxic injury to children (who often drink it by mistake), so it's essential to choose a hydroxide-based bleach instead. Look for “chlorine free” on the label of any bleach product you buy. Nature's Child Oxygen Bleach is an excellent choice; not only is it safe, it comes in a powdered form, meaning that pets and children will not be tempted to try to drink it.
  • White Vinegar. Plain white vinegar, when diluted slightly with water, makes an excellent all-purpose disinfecting cleaner for hard surfaces. Use white vinegar to wipe down counter tops, wash the floor, scrub the walls, polish glass, clean out the refrigerator, and sanitise bathroom surfaces. Unlike harsh chemical disinfectants, it will not leave potentially harmful residues on household surfaces (a particular concern in areas where food is prepared).
  • Bicarbonate Soda. Another inexpensive household product, bicarbonate soda is a harmless light abrasive which can be used to scrub tough areas of caked-on dirt or to remove mould from shower grout. It's also an excellent deodouriser; when finely dusted over carpet and upholstery and let sit overnight, then vacuumed up the next day, it will remove pet odours and leave carpets and furniture looking clean and fresh. As such, bicarbonate soda can replace a range of potentially dangerous bathroom cleaning products and be used in place of toxic carpet cleansing powders (which are especially harmful to pets, as animals often lie on the carpet and then groom themselves afterwards). You can even add an open box of bicarbonate soda to your refrigerator to keep food smells to a minimum.
  • Chemical-free laundry detergent and fabric softener. Though the majority of conventional laundry products are not especially hazardous, if your child has allergies, sensitive skin, or you're simply concerned about him or her being exposed to chemical residues via clothing, you should likely trade in your old brands for plant-based “green” alternatives, such as Earth Choice Ultra Concentrate Laundry Liquid and Earth Choice Ultra Concentrate Fabric Softener.

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