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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions that need answers? If you still can't find the answer to your question just email us, call us or, chat with us online!

1. How do I book for a cleaning service?

All you have to do is click book now, enter your relevant details and within 60 seconds you're on the way to have a spick and span household. We'll reply on the same business day confirming the appointment and arrival time. Also you can call 1300 138 892 for live help or chat with us.

2. Am i required to enter my payment information?

Yes, we do require payment as confirmation of your professional home clean booking. We do not charge your card until after your professional clean has been completed. 

3. Are you cleaning teams pet friendly and do you use non-toxic organic cleaning products?

Definitely! Our cleaning teams have training on how to treat dogs, cats and other pets. We're a pet friendly cleaning service. 

4. What is a Deep Clean?

A deep clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven't had their home professionally cleaned in the last three months. To see the extra things we do for deep cleans check out our Services page.

5. What services don't you offer?

We don't offer wet wiping of light bulbs, resurfacing/waxing/refinishing of floors, putting away dishes, large furniture moving, mould removal, extensive ceiling cleaning and large scale trash disposal.

6. Do I have to be present for a cleaning?

No, absolutely not! It's your choice to stay around or go out and take advantage of your free time. Just leave us a key and we'll get your house cleaned! maidforyou.com.au  is here to make your life easier. Victory dance! 

7. Referrals

A great deal of maidforyou.com.au efforts are put into finding the best cleaners for our clients. This includes strenuous background checks, part of our service agreement states that you agree not to independently hire any past or present maidforyou.com.au independent cleaners unless you pay our referral fee of $3,000. This amount is due in full immediately upon personal employment of the cleaner, regardless of whether you use them for a recurring or one-time service.

8. Are you insured?

Yes, we are! If you need proof of insurance simply email us at info@maidforyou.com.au and we'll gladly forward you all relevant documentation.

9. How long it will take to clean my house?

It all depends on the condition of your home! But as a baseline take the number of bedrooms you have and turn that into hours. Ex. 3 Bedrooms = 3 hours.

10. How many people will come to clean my house?

A team of 2 people is our standard, sometimes an extra team member can come when needed. However, we do send a team of 1 person when the job is small (Studio/1BR/Touch-up jobs). This will be mentioned to you prior to your cleaning.

11. What is the "200%" Guarantee

Our 200% Guarantee represents our commitment to you. Should you have a concern with our cleaning service you have received, we will work with you to make it right.
Here's the procedure: 

  • Call us within 24 hours of your cleaning and provide us with details of your concerns and/or issues.
  • 48 hours grace period is given for Move-in/Move-Out cleans.
  • We will re-schedule the clean at no cost to you on the following business days. Our team will return to your home and address the areas of concern
  • After the re-cleaning, if you still have concerns regarding the clean, we will review your issues once again and if we are unable to address your concerns, we will fairly provide a credit or a refund to you.

12. Late cancellation fees

Here at maidforyou.com.au, we want to make sure that everybody's appointments are serviced by the best cleaning professionals possible. It takes us time to find the right home cleaning professional for you. This is why we ask for 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Cancellations made the day of your appointment will incur a $30 charge. 

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