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Should I DIY My Window Cleaning?

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Residential windows come in all types of shapes and sizes. There are older homes with original panes and brand-new homes with large plate glass. Depending on the style and accessibility of the window, you may choose to call a professional window cleaning company twice a year.

To prevent the need to clean exterior windows you can seal the windows from the outside with roller shutters, which will protect them from dust, and help keep your home warm in winter, and cool in summer. Here are some tips on whether or not you should tackle the job.

Tips for First-time Window Cleaners


You would be surprised at the number of homeowners that have never cleaned a window. Not that it is particularly difficult to learn, but there are a few things you need to know.

Water will streak.

Whether using water or window cleaner, if allowed to run down the walls beneath the pane, the liquid will leave streak marks. Always protect your walls by quickly catching any water with a rag before it reaches the surrounding walls.

 Cleaning windows can be a 2-step process.

Take inventory of how dirty your windows are. If they are really dusty or grimy, first remove the dirt with soap and water. Next, shine the glass. If there is too much dirt on your glass and you simply squirt window cleaner and wipe, it is certain to smear.

maidforyou staff cleaning skylight window with a squeegee

Clean the window grooves with a vacuum or damp cloth before cleaning the glass.

In some cases, it might be necessary to scrub with a toothbrush. This will prevent you from picking up the groove dirt while washing the window.

Never decide to clean windows on a bright sunny day.

This may seem the perfect time for getting glass sparkling clean, but the rays from the sun will dry your solution faster than you can wipe it off. Pick a cloudy day, instead.

Your mother may have sworn by newspapers in shining windows.

person cleaning windows with newspaper

The reason is that newspapers do not leave lint. The same holds true with using an old cotton pillowcase or cheap paper towels. Absorbent paper towels have chemicals that will leave behind a greasy residue that smears.

More window cleaner is not better.

Saturating the glass with too much cleaner just takes more time to remove and can leave streaks.

Some people swear by using a squeegee.

professional window cleaner cleaning a bottom floor window

However, if you are unfamiliar with how this tool works, it could take you longer than just using a solution and dry cloth. If you have large plate glass windows that can easily be reached, it could be to your benefit to learn how to operate a squeegee. Otherwise, this method is better left to the experts.

When to Call a Professional Window Cleaner

Young bearded smiling positive man with rubber gloves cleaning window with cloth. After rain there is always stains on glass.

If you have tried the DIY method of window cleaning and you are not satisfied with the results, don't beat yourself up. There are several reasons why your windows are not spotless and shiny. Here are a few reasons.

Not all windows are made the same.

Single pane, double pane, tinted and coated are a few examples of how many versions of glass are used in window glass. Knowing window glass is a trait that the professional window cleaner has come to know.

The right weather conditions make a difference, even to professionals.

They keep an eye on the day's humidity levels and forecast in order to schedule a job. If It's raining, there's probably no point in getting your outside windows cleaned. If it's too hot, the cleaning solution will dry on application and leave unsightly streaking.

Practice makes perfect.

Not all professional window cleaners started out as experts. It takes lots of practice to get a routine down, trying new systems and staying knowledgeable on the different types of windows.

How high and accessible are your windows?

Impossible locations and heights require the right equipment and seasoned professionals to tackle a window cleaning job. While it may seem dangerous to you, they have the necessary tools to stay safe.

Cleaning is not your thing.

man cleaning window with squeegee and chemicals

Lastly, maybe you don't have the time to clean your own windows or do not enjoy the task, and that's okay. Hiring a professional window cleaning company can put your mind at ease that the entire job will be completed and professionally. Be sure to get multiple quotes to find the right window cleaning costs to fit your budget.

If you are unsure of taking on window cleaning, try a few simple panes that are easily accessible and give it a trial run. If you are good at it, try a few more. However, if you find yourself cleaning the same glass over and over again due to streaks, stop. The frustration of having less than perfection is not worth the chore.

If you're truly interested in trying our expert DIY tips, check out our DIY grout cleaning guide and our DIY stovetop cleaning resource. 

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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