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Things to do During Spring in Sydney, Australia

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If you want wonderful experiences, you should not miss visiting Sydney, Australia's most populous city. The whole city shines through any season. Regardless of the climate or weather, there will always be activities to do in spring, things to see and explore.

What is Australia in Spring Like?

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When springtime comes, the weather in Sydney is mild and comfortable, with spring, comes beautiful spring blooms. The days can be warmer, but the humidity is not as high as during summer. This 2023, the spring season will start on the first day of September and end on the last day of November. Usually, the average daily temperature ranges from 11-23 degrees Celsius or 51.8-73.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best time to visit this diverse city, bustling with life and blessed by Mother Nature.

During this season, there is an abundance of things to do and see, hopefully, this guide kicks your FOMO into gear and helps you get out the house this spring.

The Best Things to Do in Sydney's Urban Environment


From September to November, you may use those three months to have a great time in Australia. Spring and its temperate climate mean you can do something outdoors every day if you wish.

In Sydney, there are many activities available for everyone to experience, that means even you too mum.

While you are in the city, you should set a day to explore the beauty of it.

Be mesmerized by its amazing, world-renowned flora and architecture. Start by visiting the most popular tourists sites in the city.

Be sure not to miss out on the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not end there! Do not worry. You can get to know more of the best-kept secret spots in Sydney later on!

There are more fun, spring activities you can do aside from visiting the famous landmarks in the city. Here are some of the best things we've compiled to enjoy your time in Sydney this spring:

  • Enjoy the rhythm of Latin American dancers and music at the Harbour Fiesta Festival.
  • While travelling, you and the kids can participate in some indoor rock climbing at Skyzone Alexandria.
  • In September, make time to enjoy the Sydney Fringe Festival.
  • You can also do the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, which is approximately 6.5km long. It will take you to Bronte Beach and the Aboriginal engraving sites along with a breathtaking view of the ocean and towering sandstone cliffs.
  • Do not forget to go to the Tulip Time Festival in Bowral, Australia’s oldest and best-loved floral displays (this is taking place from the 16th of September until the 3rd of October).
  • Spring is perfect to see Scenic World in Katoomba, enjoy the spring foliage and the Blue Mountains from awe-inspiring perspectives.
  • You can stroll along Sydney’s coastline and stumble on the many hidden beaches (check out these secret coordinates).
  • Embark on a scenic coastal walk in Sydney to watch the annual Sculpture by the sea festival, where you can see the world’s largest public free sculpture exhibition (this takes place at the end of October).
  • Spring is not complete without seeing and enjoying the Good Food Month in October. It is a celebration of Sydney’s best food, wine, talented chefs, local producers and features the well-known night noodle markets taking place between the 4-9th of October 2023.

While in Sydney during spring, do not just explore the city. There are beautiful scenic tours waiting for you outside the city. Make time in your itinerary to see them, otherwise, you'll be missing out.

Things to Do in Sydney’s Natural Environment

Teenage girl roller skates summer

In Sydney, there are beaches that are world-famous. Though many believe that the best time to visit them is in summer, the truth is, it should be during spring.

This is the season that provides a tonne of sunny weather without the millions of sun-loving tourists. You'll be to enjoy some of Sydney's tourist hot spots with a lot fewer people. Perfect if you're an introvert like me. Here are some of the best things to do outside in Sydney this spring.

  • Go windsurfing, surfing or kite-flying at Bondi Beach.
  • Take your picnic blanket and have a picnic at the scenic Barangaroo Reserve.
  • Check out the numerous national parks that litter Sydney like Kuringai or Lane Cove National Park.
  • Sydney's Wildlife Park is always a hit with the kids.
  • If you enjoy a drive, a quick escape to the Hunter Valley for some rest and recuperation will do your soul some good.
  • For more rest and recuperation from all your springtime activities, there are great retreats in the Blue Mountains.

Best Places to Visit


As you leave the city, you can see some of the more gorgeous sights while driving down the South Coast. If you love extremes, here is the Stanwell Park that offers not just amazing views, but you can also do paragliding and hang-gliding. It is perfect for daring travellers or visitors. Aside from that, the Royal National Park is the perfect place for whale watching and bushwalking.

In fact, springtime in Sydney is the most ideal time for walking tours, from natural parks within the city to the iconic landmarks. We're sure you'll adore them all!

Here are some of the best places we love to visit in Sydney during springtime:

Royal Botanic Gardens

Perandeniya royal botanic gardens

Just a short walk from the Opera House is the Royal Botanic Gardens. You will surely love the spring feels when you get to see hectares of greenery, rare, and different kinds of trees and plants all over. One of its most popular attractions is the Palace of Rose Garden, which is flooded with bright and beautiful roses.

Hyde Park

Cathedral hyde park sydney australia

Amidst the busy city, Hyde Park is the best place to go when you are searching for a place to breathe some fresh air. Its wide lawns, bountiful fauna, attractive fountains and city proximity will surely take you on a relaxing moment through a picnic or just hanging out. In fact, Hyde Park is the oldest park in Australia, so it is sprawling with art and history.

Centennial Park

Bay harbour heart sydney

Centennial Park is one of Sydney’s most prized natural attractions. There are over 15,000 trees and abundant wildlife as well as beautiful ponds and flower beds. This parkland has many activities to offer in its vast and beautiful open green spaces. You can do horseback riding, cycling around the park, bird watching or just a picnic with loved ones, we're certain you'll enjoy your time at Centennial Park.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale wildlife park

If you want to enjoy a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience, make sure to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park. This is the home to hundreds of native animals of different species. Featherdale Wildlife Park boasts the most extensive collection of Australian wildlife. There you can find Koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies. In addition, there are stunning collections of various reptiles and some of Australia's most vulnerable and endangered species.

Visiting Australia is an amazing experience, especially during spring. It has something for everybody. If you're an introvert at heart like me, Spring is an amazing time to visit the sites without having to bump into too many people. If you're an extrovert, there are a tonne of things to see, explore and do. We love Sydney in spring. If you're looking to get out of the house this spring and don't want to have the burden of worrying about maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Get in touch with us today or check out our resource on things to do in Sydney in autumn.

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