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Sydney Lockdown: COVID 19 Update

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To start, I'd like to personally thank the support of our current customer base for their patronage, patience, and care for our organization during these difficult times.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to make another Covid update.

It has been humbling to note that so many of our customers love, and appreciate our service and the hard work of our cleaning and administration teams.

Many of our customers have continued to provide support for our cleaning teams and our business during these extremely difficult 18 months.

I can't stress enough as the director of the business, how humbling that is. It's great to know that our teams are happy enough to provide high-quality service and our clientele trust us enough to enter their homes during a global pandemic.

Our Staff

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Like any organization, we wouldn't be able to run our business without our diligent staff. They are the backbone of our organization and without their efforts, we would not exist. There have been severe interruptions to services since the beginning of July, and to say it has been difficult for all of our staff members would be an understatement.

Our Cleaning Teams

A large portion of our cleaning staff, unfortunately, live in and around the 13 local government areas that are under current hard lockdown.

We thank them for their patience during these difficult weeks. We have been conducting follow-up checks to make sure our cleaning teams are managing this lockdown as best as possible.

  • Daily checkups on cleaners to see how they're coping.
  • Encouraging teams to get tested and where relevant vaccinated.
  • Offering monetary support should they not qualify for disaster payments.

For the staff who don't reside in these local government areas and who have continued to work, I personally give my utmost thanks to them.

Despite COVID safety procedures that have been implemented in our service provision, they continue to take a risk (mitigated by precautions) to be able to provide an adequate service to our residential, end of tenancy, and clients that are suffering from a disability.

I personally, cannot thank my teams enough for their diligence, hard work, reliability, and their resilience to provide services to an extremely high standard during a one in one hundred years global pandemic.

Our Administration Staff

As director and CEO of MaidForYou, I also wanted to point out the hard work of our administration staff. Your work does not go unnoticed.

Our administration staff are all working from home during this time period and like our cleaning teams we appreciate their diligence, and resourcefulness to be able to organize the schedule of our cleaning services without too much hiccup or interruption to those clients who require essential services. I also appreciate their reliability in being able to attend work every day.

How We're Mitigating Risks During Lockdown

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The NSW Government has permitted essential cleaning services to take place during Sydney's lockdown.

We are able to provide a contactless service to our clients. A contactless service as defined by the NSW Government is the following.

  • Clients cannot be in the home whilst we're providing services.
  • Our teams are not carpooling to attend client homes.
  • Teams who live in the 13 affected LGAs cannot work, even in vacant homes.
  • Wearing masks and gloves.
  • Disinfecting high touch areas of client's homes.
  • Adhering to reasonable protocols relating to sanitization of equipment.
  • Social distancing.
  • Monitoring where our cleaning teams are living and the homes they have attended. 

We are doing our utmost to mitigate any issues that may arise as a result of COVID and are making sure that our service still maintains a high level of customer satisfaction without significant interruption.

How Your Services May Be Affected

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Unfortunately due to covid and a lack of available cleaning teams. When booking through MaidForYou it is highly unlikely that you will receive the same team that was cleaning your home previously. This may not be relevant for new clients.

We are trying our best to make sure no cleaning service is canceled or postponed within 48 hours of a service being rendered. However, there is a lot of uncertainty at this point in time and your service may be rescheduled, postponed or permanently canceled if further restrictions are imposed on further local government areas in the Sydney metropole.

A Final Note

person holding up post-it note that says 'stay home'

Again, I'd like to thank our cleaners, administration staff, and clients. Without you, our organization would cease to exist.

I also want to issue an apology for anyone who is requiring a service in the local government areas we are unable to serve at this point in time.

I wish you and your family the best of health and circumstance and I look forward to services returning back to normal.

Should you require anything at all, please, don't hesitate to contact me directly, my door is always open should you need it.

Delah-GomasiDelah Gomasi

Delah is the managing director of MaidForYou. With over six years of experience in managing every facet of a cleaning business, he has expertise in man management, customer service, logistics, human resources, scheduling and digital marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys fitness, soccer and tech.

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