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Surefire Ways to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in a House Fast

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We’ve all heard of secondhand smoke and the dangers of inhaling it; but did you know that there is such a thing as ‘thirdhand’ smoke? Well, there is, and exposure to it also poses a threat to one’s health.  

So, what is thirdhand smoke? Caused by tobacco smoke, the nicotine residue left on household surfaces and absorbed by porous materials is known as thirdhand smoke that anyone in close proximity breathes in. Cigarette smoke can also cling to your hair and clothes, causing the lingering smell to follow you around, quite literally! Even worse, the active chemical substances present in thirdhand smoke include cancer-causing amalgams which are proven to affect the young and old alike. 

Aside from the potential health-related problems that are linked to thirdhand smoke, the unpleasant odour is just another reason why individuals are in search of effective ways to get rid of cigarette smell in a house fast. Fortunately, MaidForYou has got a few tried and tested solutions to eliminate smoky odours from your home permanently. Some of these include extremely simple measures that do away with recent cigarette smoke or tobacco smoke polluting the air in your home while other methods target lingering smoky odours absorbed by household surfaces. 

For the best ways to get rid of cigarette smell in a house fast, read on!

General Measures to Remove Cigarette Odours from Your House

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Before we get into more advanced tips on how to get rid of cigarette smell in your house, here are a few simple measures that are actually very effective in eliminating the lingering smell in the air. 

Increase Ventilation

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a cigarette smell or bad odours in your house, it is imperative to air out the inside of your house and get fresh air in on a daily basis. To do this, open the windows and doors for a few hours or for as long as you can during the daytime and allow the increased cross-ventilation to eliminate cigarette smell and stale odours from your home.

Run Fans

Not only will this help increase ventilation in your home but with all the ceiling fans and exhaust fans running while your doors and windows are open, you will be forcing out bad, smoky odours from every room in the house. Run the fans at high speed for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes daily to help remove cigarette smells and keep your indoor air fresher. 

Bring in More Sunshine

While direct sunlight is more effective in killing bacteria and germs, increasing the amount of  sunlight (both direct and indirect) that comes into your house also helps to do away with lingering smoky odours. Allow maximum sunshine to naturally sanitise your home by keeping blinds and other window treatments open during the daytime.

Clean the House Daily

You’d be surprised by how much better your home will smell with regular cleaning. Even if you are dealing with cigarette smell in the house, daily dusting, vacuuming, and mopping helps to eliminate lingering odours and keeps your home looking and smelling fresh. It is also a good idea to vacuum upholstery which tends to absorb odours more easily than non-porous materials.

5 Tips to Get Rid of a Lingering Cigarette Smell Fast

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If you are in a hurry to eliminate cigarette smell from your home, these tips are sure to help the cause! Use them in combination with the general measures mentioned above for long term results.

1. Steam Clean Carpets

Align with the smell of tobacco, carpets absorb other musty odours and harbour germs and allergens. A great way to sanitise and refresh carpets is by steam cleaning them, particularly when you suspect that they are contributing to the smell of cigarette smoke in your home. If you have a carpet steam cleaner, you can do this yourself; however, it might be wise to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for a safe and thorough deep clean of your smoke-absorbed carpets. 

2. Clean/Wash Upholstery

Like carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture also soak up odours including cigarette smoke. For this reason, among others, it is necessary to wash removable upholstery covers and window treatments either by hand or in the washing machine. You can also neutralise smoke odours from upholstery using baking soda. Simply sprinkle the powder over the material and allow it to sit overnight or for 6-8 hours; finish off by vacuuming the upholstery to remove the baking soda which, by now, has absorbed the unpleasant cigarette smell.

3. Use Ammonia to Kill Cigarette Smell

For hard surfaces such as glass and granite, use household ammonia (as directed on the label) to clean and wipe them down. Not only is this an effective way to disinfect household areas but it will also eliminate any smells that might be sitting on the surface. Remember that ammonia should be used in well-ventilated rooms and it is also advisable to protect your skin from the substance when cleaning with it. 

4. Use an Air Purifier

It is critically important to keep the air in your home clean and healthy for the benefit of all household members. With an air purifier, that is exactly what you can achieve with the added bonus of eliminating cigarette smoke and the lingering odour that comes with it. Just be sure to clean or change the air filters as and when needed to ensure that the machine is performing optimally.

5. Clean Out Ashtrays

If the ashtrays in your house are used regularly, empty them out at the end of the day and clean them further with an all-purpose spray and paper towels. If there is a persistent cigarette smell coming from the ashtrays in your house, wash them with soap and water or vinegar and water to get rid of the odour until they are used again.

With that, we come to the end of our guide on surefire ways to get rid of cigarette smell in a house fast! It is highly recommended that these tips be used in combination to achieve the end goal of removing cigarette smells in your home. 

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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