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The Marie Kondo Method: An Overview

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What Is The KonMari Method?


Have you seen the popular Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’? If yes, then it might have changed the way you look at your belongings. If no, then watch it because it will change your life.  Marie Kondo is a tidying expert and author of the bestselling book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Since her childhood, cleaning was her obsession and this made her establish herself as a Japanese Cleaning Consultant.

She came up with the revolutionary idea of organizing everything by category instead of room-by-room. She quickly rose to fame and has been featured in the top publications worldwide. She trademarked her method by creating a unique name which is the combination of her own name: KonMari method. Today people are crazy about her methods and follow her religiously.

Marie Kondo says that in her native tidiness is a part of everyday living and not something which is done once in a while. Her method swears by minimalism and strictly against decluttering little-by-little. She strongly advocates that the cleaning needs to happen at once and any item that does not spark joy must be discarded immediately. Every item in your home must have its own home to live in and should be kept neatly arranged.

It can be overwhelming at first but once you start doing it, you will realize how much space you have wasted and unwanted things you have gathered at home. Over time you will also start understanding which item brings in joy and which ones you can do without.

There are a few life-changing philosophies that you can adopt if you live in a cluttered mess and want to try out the KonMari Method:

  1. Make space for things that matter to you


It is easy to keep on piling stuff from every flea-market, every trip outside the city and every time you visit the mall. Most of these things will lie in your cupboards forever leaving no space for the things that are really needed and matter. In the KonMari method, you first visualize your home and life with a decluttered space. What you wish to do with the freed-up space. Deeper things like making space for the baby, inviting more guests to stay with you are things that matter a lot but have been put off due to inadequate space in the house. Marie believes that when you are freeing up space from the unwanted things you are creating space for things that really matter.

  1. Keep things that spark joy


You might be holding on to a gift that you received after attending a conference. You might have been the speaker there and this gift holds a special place in your heart. Every time you pick it or hold it, it brings a smile on your face. Such things can be kept safely at home no matter what. But if an item does not bring joy and is just a keepsake, then it should be immediately discarded. Pick each possession from its place and ask yourself: Is this item necessary? Do you really need it? Does it remind you of something happy? How will you feel after discarding it?

  1. Don’t wait for someday


Someday never comes. A t-shirt kept for years thinking we might need it someday. Just because you need it does not mean you love it. Kondo stresses that you should hold an item that you love. All the someday possessions need to be discarded immediately for a decluttered home. She says that the items lose respect if they are lying unused in the home, so it is better to discard them than keep them unused for years.

  1. Possessions have a life

Because we consider possessions merely as items we stuff them everywhere. We drop our belongings on the floor or keep them lying on the couch forever. When you think of them as living things you start looking at them differently. Now they are no longer disregarded rather they will have their own place in the home. Throw all your belongings on the floor together and then by picking them one by one divide them into 2 piles: to keep and to discard. She encourages people to respect every item and store it in an easy to find place.


  1. Your home is a reflection of your mind


Kondo states in her book that we preserve items for only 2 reasons: either they remind you of the past or the fear that you may need them in the future. She says that things do not help you live in the present. You need to have power over everything you own and not the other way round. In the KonMari method, you need to let go of things which do not help you live in the present. We all have collected a memento from every trip, beach, childhood outings or a collection of photographs that are no longer viewed.

The KonMari method can help you declutter and organize your home with things that are useful for living the present. She spells out very interesting in easy ways to organize all your possessions to make optimum use of the space at home. On her website, she mentions six basic rules of tidying up your home

Rule 1: Commit yourself to tidiness

Rule 2: Work towards your ideal lifestyle

Rule 3: Discard first and regularly

Rule 4: Tidying is easier when done in categories not by location

Rule 5: Follow a proper order

Rule 6: For every item, you possess, question yourself: Does it bring you joy?

If you follow these rules regularly, it will help in tidying up your home as well as your life. The KonMari method categorizes all the items in five broad categories for decluttering:

- Clothes

- Books

- Papers


-Sentimental Items

This method mainly focuses on discarding unnecessary items from every corner of the home. By having items that bring you joy in the house you are inviting only joy and prosperity into your home.

This is why her fans follow her advice religiously. Give this method a try to change your life it can definitely be done in conjunction with our 30 day cleaning challenge.

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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