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How to Hire the Right Removalist Company Before Moving Out

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After all the decisions have been made regarding your impending move, only one remains – which removalist company are you going to hire? Well, with the sheer amount of moving companies that show up on a single search engine results page, picking the right one can be a daunting task! There is always the worry of choosing a removalist company that will fall short of your expectations or, even worse, try to make a fast buck at your expense.

Yes, not all movers and packers can be trusted which is why it is important to look out for red flags when making your decision. It pays to take your time, do your research, and compare a couple of companies before hiring one. 

To help you pick the right removalist company for your forthcoming move, here are seven crucial tips to keep in mind.

Ask for a Quotation Inclusive of Additional Charges

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In a bid to make a little extra money, some moving companies refrain from mentioning additional costs that are eventually charged to the client at the end of the service. This may include insurance costs and tax which are both acceptable additional charges, however, clients must be made aware of them before the company is hired.

Typically, the company will visit your property (free of charge) to assess the number of boxes and items to be transported and, upon this survey, they should be able to finalise the price for the job. Without a final quote on paper (which includes additional costs, if any), it is advisable to steer clear of the company.

Don’t Be Swayed by Low Rates

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It’s easy to get tempted by heavily discounted prices regardless of what the service is, however, when it comes to hiring a removalist company, low rates generally suggest one of two things – the company is new and inexperienced, or they will provide you with a service that is merely as cheap as the price you are paying for it. 

With that said, hiring a moving company does not necessarily cost an arm and a leg; in fact, there are some well-established and trusted removalists who offer bargain deals for both interstate and intercity transportation. Nevertheless, your safest bet to getting a good deal AND hiring a trustworthy removalist company is to collectively pay heed to all the tips mentioned in this article.

They Should Offer a Solid Insurance Policy

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Leaving all of your personal possessions in someone else’s hands is unnerving in itself; then you throw in the thought of your stuff being transported for countless miles before you can see everything (in one piece) again, and that’s when you really start to stress out! One of the things that helps put your mind at ease is a solid insurance policy to ensure that you are fully covered in the event of loss or damage to your possessions.

Most trustworthy companies offer full coverage or liability insurance while other removalists may not provide any type of coverage at all. The latter category of removalist companies generally offer lower rates, however, the risk of hiring a moving company without insurance is one you should avoid altogether.

Read Their Customer Reviews/Ask for References

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You can’t expect a company to have a perfect score when it comes to ratings and reviews, however, it’s important that the positives significantly outweigh the negatives. Take the time to read through the reviews so that you have a better understanding (from a client’s perspective) of what to expect.

Right from the efficiency of the staff to the step-by-step process involved from beginning to end; there is a lot you can learn about the removalist company in question and how they work just from reading their customer reviews. Additionally, you can ask the company to provide you with references to cross-check their authenticity, and hear firsthand experiences of past clients.

Verify Their Permanent Address

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As you look through their website, keep an eye out for a permanent address which you can verify by visiting the office (if it is in your city), or simply check their business listing on the online yellow pages. Proof of a physical office or headquarters will give you the reassurance that you can trace the company to their permanent address should they become unresponsive via phone/text/email. 

If you cannot find a permanent address or verify an existing one on their website, it is best to avoid hiring them as this is one of the biggest indications that you are dealing with an unprofessional and untrustworthy company. 

Check for a Refund Policy

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If the removalist company asks you to pay an advance in order to cover expenses such as labour and fuel, they should also have a refund policy in place to protect the client’s funds. In the event of cancellations or unforeseen circumstances wherein transportation of the goods cannot go forward, the client should be entitled to a full refund.

With that said, most reputable removalist companies do not ask for (full/partial) payment up front; therefore, one must be wary of moving companies that make it mandatory to pay some amount of the fee before the service begins.

Find Out the Age and Present Condition of Their Vehicles

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If you are trusting a removalist company with all of your household belongings, you wouldn’t want them loaded into a vehicle that is in poor condition. Old moving trucks are prone to breakdowns which is the last thing you want when your belongings are in transit.

Even removalist companies that were established years ago have a responsibility to maintain or upgrade their moving trucks while newer companies must also invest in new vehicles as opposed to purchasing second hand trucks to cut costs (this is not uncommon among start-up companies). 

It may take a little time before you find the right removalist company that checks all the boxes but it is well worth the effort if it means having your possessions transported safely to your new home. Keep the tips above firmly in mind when looking for the best moving company and you are guaranteed to have a smooth-sailing move from start to finish! For more helpful information on moving homes, please check out our guide on the top ten things to consider when moving.

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