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How to Fold Your Towels Efficiently

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While it may seem simple enough, just folding your towels any which way and putting them in a random available space isn't exactly the most efficient means of storing them. Between the multiple sizes, and folding methods, there's always a way to maximise your storage efficiency, and keep your towels properly organised. 

Among the many different methods, the best way to fold towels includes the tri-fold, and narrow fold methods which are both ideal for storing towels in smaller spaces. For closets with deep shelves, however, there is the aptly named ‘deep fold method’ that works wonders to get the most out of your space.

Now, before we dive into the instructions for folding your towels using these recommended methods, it's worth considering two things: the amount of storage space available for your towels, and how you prefer to organise them within that space. Let’s discuss these in brief below and then proceed to discuss the exact procedure we use to fold clothes efficiently in our cleaning company

Storage Space

Keeping in mind the width and depth of your shelves will allow you to fold your towels appropriately, thereby minimising their footprint in the space. 

Sorting Towels

Firstly, remember that not all towels are the same size/shape, therefore, it's best to arrange them with these two corresponding factors in mind. Whether it's beach towels, bath towels, or even hand towels, keeping similar sizes together allows for easier access based on your requirement. 

Secondly, towels come in various colours and patterns, so you could consider colour coding your towel storage as well. This will also add some aesthetic to your shelves. 

Keeping in mind these two things is what goes a long way in ensuring that your storage is both easy to access, and pleasing to look at, too.

How to Fold Towels

With that out of the way, you can now use any of the methods mentioned here to fold a towel of any size, and neatly fit it into your storage.

Tri-Fold Method

Intended to occupy space more vertically than horizontally, this method is sure to help fit your towels into smaller spaces. 

  • Begin by placing the finished side of the towel face down. 
  • Then, grabbing the corners of the long side of the towel, fold them over about one-third of the width. 
  • You must then adjust the material to make sure that the width of the fold stays the same along the length of the towel before you continue. 
  • From there, take the opposite corners of the long side, and fold them over the previous fold. This will make a three-layered strip of folded towel. 
  • At this point, fold the entire strip in half along the length, smoothen and flatten out the towel, and then fold in half again.
  • This yields a small bundle that you can now place atop each other for better storage. 

Deep Fold Method

This method is best suited for stacking towels in cupboards or linen closets. 

  • Again, begin by placing the towel with its finished side down.
  • Start folding by taking the corners of one long end of the towel, and placing them in the middle of the width of the towel.
  • Going to the opposite long side, grab those corners and fold them inwards to the centre of the width as well. 
  • Flatten out the towel well and adjust the width of the folds along the length of the towel. You should have both sides folded to the middle of the width, with the corners and long edges of the towel meeting. 
  • From here, fold the towel in half along the width again, keeping the corners and edges inside the fold, and flatten again. You should end up with a thin, long strip of folded towel at this point.  
  • Then, taking both ends of the towel, fold them over lengthwise to meet in the middle. The key is to have the ends stop about an inch short of the middle on both sides, before you flatten again.
  • And finally, you must fold in half along the length again, and flatten out before storing. The gap that we left in the previous fold allows for this last fold to be made without any untoward bulges or creases in the folds. 

Narrow Fold Method

For smaller spaces like a vanity or bathroom trolley, consider using the narrow fold method below.

  • Just like previously, start with the finished side down, and smoothe out the towel.
  • Take the corners on one long side, and fold them over to the opposite corners. 
  • Once folded along the width, take one end of the towel, and fold along the length to make a four layered rectangle. 
  • After the two folds are done, you must then fold the towel in thirds along the length of the already folded rectangle. Fold one end of the rectangle in, about a third of the way, and then do the same from the other end. Flatten the folded towel before storing.

Using basic folding methods for towels isn’t always the best option, especially when you have limited storage space. Fortunately, the three different ways to fold towels shared in this article will save you both time and space! Remember, while there are many other methods to fold towels, the ones that make the most sense are those that help you maximise the amount of storage space you have, as well as making sure your towels stay fresh and soft for longer.

So, with that, you now have the know-how to stack your towels well enough that they are not occupying too much room, and are easily accessible as well.

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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