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How to Clean a Wool Rug: Routine Cleaning + Tips to Maintain Your Wool Rug

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For most homeowners, picking a rug is not limited to choosing the one that ‘looks’ the best. Along with factors that do, in fact, influence the appearance or aesthetic value of the piece, the type of fibre the rug is made of is very important. Available in so many different materials, each type and style come with their own set of cleaning requirements which is yet another factor to consider when buying rugs. Unless carpets and rugs are properly cleaned and maintained in a timely manner, it won’t be long before they look dirty and drabby. 

With wool rugs, it is no different; you need to clean them regularly and appropriately if you want to keep them in great condition. Well, in order to do that, you’ve come to the right place! MaidForYou has put together a simple, step-by-step guide to safely and effectively clean wool rugs, along with tips to preserve their original appearance for years to come. Read on!

What’s Needed to Clean Wool Rugs

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  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Two separate buckets of water
  • Non-abrasive scrubber or sponge
  • Old clean towels
  • Wool-specific detergent

Steps to Clean a Wool Rug

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If your wool rug has gotten a little dirty, dusty, or even stained, an appropriate step-by-step approach to clean it up is all you need to make it look as good as new! For that, follow the steps below. 

Step 1

Like most types of rugs, your wool rug will have surface dirt and debris that is embedded deep within the fibres. While vacuuming does help to pull out dirt, it is not effective when the debris is trapped in the weave. Therefore, dirt must be dislodged from the rug fibres before vacuuming. To do this, drape the rug over a railing, and gently beat it with a broom. It is advisable to wear a face mask when doing this as dust and debris will become airborne as the rug shakes off the dirt. Beat the rug on both sides until you find that there are no more clouds of dust coming out.

Step 2

Lay the rug flat down on the floor and vacuum it one section at a time. Avoid using a beater brush as this can damage rugs that are made from natural fibres such as wool. Instead, choose an appropriate carpet attachment to vacuum your wool area rug. Be slow and thorough with this step and be sure to flip the rug over and vacuum the back of it, too.

Step 3

When using any solution to clean and brighten up your wool rug, it is important to choose a product that is specially formulated for wool fibres. Follow the directions on the label to make a gentle cleaning solution using the product. The detergent should be mixed in a bucket of cool water as opposed to hot or warm water. You will also need a separate bucket of plain cool water to rinse off the cleaning solution later.

Step 4

Dampen the scrubber or sponge in the cleaning solution and wipe the rug lightly. Again, do one section at a time for a more organised and thorough clean. Two things to keep in mind when cleaning a wool rug with any liquid solution is to avoid saturating the fibres and using too much pressure. You must also rinse the cleaning tool as needed to prevent smearing dirt around the rug.

Step 5

After you have cleaned the rug with an appropriate wool rug cleaning solution, it will need to be ‘rinsed’ off thoroughly. If any residue of the cleaning agent is left on the rug, dirt and debris will cling to it and make the rug look dirty very quickly. For the rinsing part, simply dampen a clean sponge in the bucket of fresh water and wipe over the rug to remove the detergent. Once you are through, check whether there is any soapiness left on the rug by moistening your fingers and running them through/over the fibres. Repeat the rinse if needed. 

Step 6

Although the rug should be merely damp after cleaning and rinsing it off, it is still advisable to soak up as much moisture as you can so that the rug can dry faster. Wool is an absorbent fibre and therefore, commonly develops mould if left damp for too long. To speed up the drying process, blot the rug with clean old towels and then drape it over a railing or clothesline to maximise the air circulation around it. Allow the rug to dry completely before putting it back in its place.

Tips to Maintain Your Wool Rug

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Routine cleaning using the step-by-step method above is a must; however, along with that, there are a few things you can do to help maintain your wool rug for as many years as possible. Take a look below.

With these maintenance tips and MaidForYou’s guide on how to clean a wool rug shared above, you will be thoroughly satisfied with your efforts to maintain your very own beautiful wool rug!

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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