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How to Clean a Glass Oven Door Inside, Outside, AND in Between!

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The excitement of pulling out an oven tray with freshly baked goods, and the satisfaction of eating the delicious dish you cooked is unparalleled! In fact, some of the best home-cooked meals and mouth-watering sweet treats are baked in an oven! But what about the aftermath of baking?

With so much baking going on, the buildup of grease and grime is inevitable. Each time you use your oven, spills and splatters are bound to occur and, if not cleaned up quickly, will accumulate to the point where you need to prepare for a very deep clean! You might have guessed that a lot of these food spills end up on the inside of the glass door, along with grease buildup that soon creates a very messy and unsanitary surface. The best practice, therefore, is to clean the glass door after every use while also wiping up spills and stains inside the appliance.

Cleaning and maintenance go a long way in keeping the oven working efficiently, as well as ensuring a hygienic environment to bake in. So, if you’re wondering how to tackle the nasty grime on your glass oven door, inside and outside, AND in between the glass panes, you’re going to want to keep reading the exact process our professional cleaners use to clean soiled glass oven doors!

Cleaning the Interior of a Glass Oven Door

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Regardless of how dirty or grimy your oven door has gotten, cleaning the inside glass is actually pretty easy when the right cleaning agents and method are applied. By using products that will break down hardened grime and cut through grease, the rest of the cleaning process becomes easier and almost effortless. 

Follow the instructions below to clean your glass oven door on the inside.

1. Remove Loose Debris

When the oven door and interior are cool enough to touch, open the door fully, and wipe the glass with a slightly damp microfibre cloth. There is no need for much elbow grease or to remove stuck-on debris as the goal here is to pick up loose dirt and grime only.

2. Make a Baking Soda Paste

In a bowl, add 1 cup of baking soda and enough water to make a thick paste. Adjust the amount of baking soda as per the size of your glass oven door. In terms of consistency, the paste should be thick but spreadable. 

3. Cover the Glass With the Paste

Put on a pair of rubber gloves, and spread the paste over the entire glass door as evenly as possible. Ideally, the longer you keep the paste sitting, the more effective it is in absorbing grease, grime, and lingering odours as well. With that said, up to 20 minutes of sitting time is typically enough to effectively clean an interior glass oven door. 

4. Wipe Clean

After drying up, the baking soda paste will have turned dirty or discoloured - this is your first indication that it has worked! At this stage, you will need a clean, damp microfibre cloth to wipe the surface clean. Don’t worry if the glass isn’t glistening after this step; one of the following tips will help you achieve that:

  • Take a lint-free cloth, dampen it with water (wring out excess water if needed), and apply 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid to the material. Wipe the inside of the oven door in circular motions to remove any stubborn spots, streaks, or haziness. Thereafter, wipe over the surface with a damp cloth before drying it with a clean, lint-free towel.
  • To continue with an ‘all-natural’ cleaning approach, use white vinegar and water instead of dish detergent. Mixed in equal parts, use a spray bottle to apply the vinegar-water solution directly to the glass oven door, and then clean the surface with a microfibre cloth. There is no need to rinse the glass after. Vinegar does a great job at cleaning up tough grease or dirt while leaving glass surfaces shining!

Cleaning the Exterior of a Glass Oven Door

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Now for the easiest part of the process - cleaning the outside of the glass oven door. While it may not encounter splatters and as many spills as the inside, the exterior glass is prone to grease and stickiness caused by cooking in general, as well as grubby fingers touching the surface and door handle. Fortunately, all of the grime on your oven door exterior can be taken care of in 4 simple steps.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  • Start by combining 2-3 drops of liquid dish soap in 2 cups of warm water. Add this to a spray bottle, shake it well, and spray the exterior of your oven door and handle generously. Be sure to lay down some drop cloths to catch drips before you spray the glass.
  • Using a damp microfibre cloth, scrub the glass clean, focusing mainly on stubborn spots and stains. Repeat this step 1-2 times, or as needed. Just be sure to use a clean cloth, or rinse the current one thoroughly and reuse.
  • For that final, streak-free shine, go over the surface with a dry, lint-free cloth, and glass cleaner. Wipe the surface in vertical strokes from top to bottom.
  • Don’t forget the display and buttons, too. For this, spray glass cleaner on a clean cloth, and wipe away grease and other buildup.

How to Clean Between the Glasses of Your Oven Door

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Imagine cleaning both sides of your glass door and still seeing streaks and specks of dirt and grime that can’t be reached; well, unfortunately, that’s something you can expect one time or another because, as you probably know, an oven door typically consists of more than one glass pane. In fact, some newer models have three or four layers of glass while most standard models come with two panes.

Regardless of the number of glass panes your oven door has, you will need to refer to the oven manual to learn how to take the door off its hinges, or how to get between the panes while the door is still attached. Keep in mind that most manufacturers come with different ways to do this, and therefore, it is important to follow the instructions for your specific model. 

Once you have figured out how to take the door down and/or separate the glass panes, use the same cleaning method applied on the exterior of the door. Wipe the surfaces dry before reassembling the door. 

If the oven door cannot be disassembled, it will likely have a way to reach between the glass layers using a flat scrubbing pad with a narrow handle. 

Cleaning Between the Glass Panes Without Taking Them Apart

  • Take a flat scrubbing tool, or the end of a flat yard stick with a small cloth wrapped and secured around it (with tape or rubber bands), and dampen the material with the cleaning solution (just a few sprays, avoid soaking the material).
  • Carefully slide the cleaning tool between your oven glass door panes, and scrub the inside without putting too much pressure on the glass sheets. Scrub in top to bottom strokes as opposed to left to right for a more efficient clean. Don’t forget the corners and edges of the glass.
  • After removing streaks/drips, and other stains, rinse the material of the cleaning tool, and squeeze out as much water as possible. Then wipe between the glass panes to remove soap residue.
  • Lastly, you don’t want to leave moisture inside the door as it can cause mould/mildew, and leave ugly water spots on the surface. To prevent any of this from happening, wipe the inner sides of the glass panes thoroughly by wrapping a dry, lint-free cloth around a flat, long-handled tool. Don’t forget to secure the cloth to the handle so that it doesn't get stuck between the glasses.


It really isn’t difficult to clean a glass oven door inside, outside, and in between! It’s one of those cleaning tasks where knowing the right cleaning products, solutions, and tools to use truly make all the difference. With the cleaning instructions and tips above, you can make all the layers and sides of your glass oven door spotless and shiny again!

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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