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Housekeeper's Quick Cleaning Secrets

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Do you ever watch your housekeeper at work, and find yourself in awe over how quick and efficient they are? Their seamless workflow and attention to detail are truly something to admire, and while they may not always use shortcuts or cleaning hacks, house cleaners certainly know how to work smarter, not harder. For these reasons, among others, professionally trained house cleaners are highly sought after everywhere in the world. 

But have you ever wondered how housekeepers clean so fast? Do you wish you knew the secrets behind their ability to speed clean your home so that you could implement them in your own cleaning routine? Well, you’re in luck because today, our exceptionally talented and experienced housekeepers are spilling their best kept secrets on how to speed clean your house! 

How Do Housekeepers Clean So Fast?

Unless you’ve hired a bad cleaning lady, you will notice that your maid does not waste any time when doing their job. Apart from being trained and having enough time to hone their skills as a professional cleaner, housekeepers implement a few different things into their cleaning routine in order to clean faster.

While tough cleaning tasks or long hours of house cleaning warrant breaks here and there, when it’s time for them to work, there is no time for procrastination! Needless to say, there is a discipline involved here which is crucial in managing your time efficiently.

With that, let’s dive into the tips that help professional housekeepers clean homes quickly.

1. They Stick to a Schedule

Because house cleaning is their job, they follow a strict schedule that accounts for almost every minute of their time there. For example, if your housekeeper sets aside three hours to vacuum, dust furniture, and mop the floor, each task will be completed within a time frame they have set for themselves. 

Remember, when there is a schedule involved, you are more likely to stick to it, and avoid wasting time between cleaning tasks. Give it a try yourself by scheduling house cleaning, and treating it like a job as opposed to a chore that you can do later.

2. They Have the Right Cleaning Tools

So many homeowners fall prey to infomercials of cleaning products that promise to make the job quick and easy; however, a lot of these gadgets don’t last long, and aren’t really necessary. For professional house cleaners, they stick to the basics but ensure to invest in quality cleaning tools that get the job done faster, and typically don’t require you to ‘repeat the process’. 

From durable terry cloth mops to tightly woven microfibre dust cloths, every cleaning tool may seem basic, but they are designed to clean better. Similarly, you want to have a vacuum cleaner with multiple brush attachments that are suitable for cleaning different surfaces such as tiled floors, upholstery, and carpets and rugs with varying pile lengths. In addition to this, high quality sponges, scrubbers, and cleaning brushes are all ‘must-haves’ in your cleaning kit.

3. They Use Multipurpose Cleaners

There are plenty of speicialised cleaning products on the market that target specific areas of home cleaning, and while some of them are recommended for tough cleaning jobs, the pros know that your entire house can be cleaned with just a few cleaning solutions.

Housekeepers generally use the following cleaning products for a standard cleaning service: 

  • Multi-surface cleaner for light-duty cleaning
  • Degreaser for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Floor cleaner (specific to the type of flooring)
  • Glass cleaner

Of course, depending on the cleaning tasks to be done, there may be a few additional cleaning formulas in their supplies kit that will be used at some point during the routine. The bottomline is that housekeepers simplify things by mostly relying on premium multipurpose cleaning products to avoid wasting time switching between so many different cleaning solutions.

4. They Have a Cleaning Caddy/Basket

You may not realise it, but a lot of time gets wasted in gathering cleaning supplies for each room or area you have to clean. This is why housekeepers put together a cleaning caddy or basket that they can carry around with them. Having the cleaning equipment and products at hand makes household cleaning quicker and more convenient. 

If you can’t accommodate large cleaning equipment in your cleaning caddy such as your vacuum cleaner and mop, keep those tools in a neutral area that is easy to access, and put everything else in the basket. Keep in mind that you should only be carrying around cleaning supplies that you need, so avoid taking up space and making your caddy heavier with tools and cleaning products that aren’t going to be used on that particular day. 

5. They Declutter First

How do you typically prepare for a house cleaning service? Do you tidy up the place, and declutter surfaces so that the house cleaner doesn’t have to move things around while they clean? Well, even if there are a few things left out of place, your housekeeper will first pick them up, and declutter surfaces so that nothing gets in their way while cleaning. 

An uninterrupted cleaning routine is the key to speed cleaning your home. So, apart from procrastination and other distractions, professional cleaners recommend following a 2-step cleaning process which begins with decluttering before cleaning. When you realise how much easier it is to clean a surface that has been cleared first, it also encourages you to minimise clutter in your home, and stay organised!

6. They Get Rid of Distractions

You already know how easy it is to get sidetracked while you are cleaning up. Well, having screens on, or your phone in your pocket doesn’t do much to help you stay focused. For housekeepers, on the other hand, they are generally trained and experienced in ignoring distractions like televisions and such, but when given the choice, they will turn off these devices and only use their phone if absolutely necessary.

This is something many homeowners don’t do because they want to make the cleaning process more enjoyable by having their favourite TV show or podcast running in the background. What this ultimately does, however, is distract you from the job at hand, and slows you down, too!

7. They Use Both Their Hands

It’s only natural to use your dominant hand when cleaning, but who says you can’t put both your hands to work when doing certain tasks? Whether it’s cleaning a mirror or scrubbing a countertop, housekeepers often ensure that both hands play an active role in their cleaning methods. For example, they will hold a spray in one hand, and scrub with the other, or simply have a cloth or scrubber in each hand, and wipe down surfaces simultaneously.

Using both your hands can help you complete cleaning tasks in (that’s right, you guessed it) half the amount of time! Of course, it will take some time and practice to get the coordination and flow right, but once you do, you’ll be feeling like Speed Racer powering through your home cleaning routine!


It’s unfair to compare a layperson’s cleaning skills and efficiency to that of a trained housekeeper, however, when it comes to cleaning your house fast, you can certainly take a page from their book. The little things like staying focused, investing in good quality tools, and removing clutter first, will all go a long way in helping you speed clean your house! Be consistent with following the tips above, and you will soon have firsthand knowledge of how housekeepers clean so fast.

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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