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5 Best Top Loader Washing Machines on the Market: How to Make the Right Choice

Adriana Aziz
November, 09, 2023
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While doing laundry on a regular basis can be a bit taxing, especially for busy individuals, investing in a well designed-and-built washing machine can make the entire process so much easier. 

Since top loader machines are quite popular in Australia, one can be spoiled for choice when in the market for a new one. With that said, there are a few brands and models that stand out with how efficient, long-lasting, and convenient they can be. 

Besides the fact that they don’t strain your back like a front loader does, top loader washing machines tend to be easier on the water, and the wallet too. 

What Should You Look For in a Top Loader?

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Before we review a few models, it's worth noting that there are some aspects to consider when purchasing a washing machine. These factors vary between machines, and therefore, it is important to learn more about them in order to find a washer that is suitable for you.

Let’s begin

1. Energy and Water Saving

The very first thing you'll want to look into is the water and power consumption on any machine. Obviously, the lower the consumption, the more you'll save with running costs in the long term. 

Through a nationalised standard for power and water consumption, the efficiency of the machine with both resources is indicated through the labels with star ratings on them. Beneficial for both the environment, as well as one’s own savings, the higher the star-rating, the better the machine. 

2. Load Capacity

This is a no-brainer; you will want a large enough machine that gets a lot of clothing and linens done in a single wash, as opposed to running multiple smaller cycles.

Generally speaking, however, bigger machines tend to have higher expenses. This is mainly due to their large motor consuming more power, and the larger drums they are fitted with which need more water. 

With that in mind, top loaders are typically more efficient than their front load counterparts. Of course, the amount of power and water consumed varies from one model to another. 

3. Cost

For most of us, buying a washing machine means sticking to options within our budget. The machines that come loaded with features tend to come with a larger price tag too, so it's worth paying attention to what the trade-off is with going cheaper.

While it may be okay to sacrifice a few washing modes for a cheaper model, it's generally a good idea to invest in a machine with higher power and water savings as it reduces the long-term cost for running the machine. 

Other Features

Speaking of the features offered on washing machines, many top loader machines will have what you need for the most part, and can perform just as well as a front loader. 

Here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Wash Cycles

A good thing to look out for is a machine that's capable of washing all kinds of fabrics. Whether it’s heavy washes, delicate washes, or quick/long washes, having more options is always a favourable.


The speed of the spin cycle matters, too. A faster spin speed helps dry the clothes quicker which, in turn, means a faster drying cycle altogether. Of course, having adjustable speed for tackling specific fabrics is a great addition as well. 


Some of the models in the industry could possibly be a little louder than you'd be comfortable with. While some can be loud enough to disturb a living space nearby, others can be surprisingly quiet throughout the wash cycle.

Intelligent Features

Receiving updates and having control of your machine remotely through a smartphone can make the process so much easier. This is especially true if you've got other things to do simultaneously. So, if this is something that sounds convenient for you, look into "Smart" features like Wi-Fi connectivity for your top loader washing machine.


This goes without saying, but a reliable machine will come with a longer and more comprehensive warranty. Reputable brands with good service networks will provide better warranties, so it's always a good idea to review the warranty before purchasing. 

The Best of the Best Top Loader Washing Machines

Illustration depicting costs and benefits of a top loader washing machine on an orange background

With all of the above aspects addressed, it's time to look at some of the better models available in the market. The list compiled below is in no particular order.

#LG 9kg Top Load Washer (WTG9020V)

Being a very highly rated machine, this LG is capable of handling fairly large wash loads with its 9kg limit. It is ideal for bigger families with its multiple programs and remote access through "SmartThinQ" technology. Beyond this, the machine is very efficient with both water as well as power, so it's definitely a great option. 

#Fisher & Paykel WashSmart 8.5kg Top Load Washer (WA8560G1)

Having a fairly large load capacity as well, this machine can get a lot done, and efficiently, too. Equipped with what the brand calls a "SmartDrive" technology, the machine can adjust the wash intensity based on the load. This, combined with the agitator in the washer, ensures a gentle, but effective wash every time. 

#LG 8.5 kg Top Load Washer (WTG8521)

While this machine is relatively cheaper than the rest on this list, it isn't much less efficient. Having reliable build quality, and an easy-to-use interface, this model is a truly great option. Along with LG's "TurboClean" technology, it can get through lighter washes very quickly while being power efficient thanks to its inverter energy control.

#Westinghouse 6 kg Top Loader (WWT6084J5WA)

This machine is more compact than usual, and can be squeezed into smaller spaces fairly easily. The difference is that it is still pretty large on the features. With multiple wash programs, a delay start option, and even its proprietary "EasyCare" feature, it can wash anything, and even prevent excessive wrinkling during the wash. 

#Samsung 12KG BubbleStorm™ Top Load Washer (WA12A8376GW)

This machine has a very large capacity, making it ideal for larger households and bulkier fabrics. With its "BubbleStorm'' technology, air is pushed into the wash to accelerate the detergent's effects. Besides this, the machine comes with a heater for sanitising and fighting tougher stains. The remote connectivity via smartphone is really just icing on the cake for a machine like this.


woman opening lid of large top loader washing machine in a minimalist laundry

As mentioned earlier, one is truly spoiled for choice when it comes to buying a top loader washing machine. With the plethora of features they have now, finding the right one really does boil down to what your needs and budget are. While some luxuries like wireless connectivity are great to have, they're not a necessity. Aiming to be energy and water efficient, along with getting a better warranty deal, should be paramount here. These factors are what save you the most in the long run, and therefore must be prioritised.

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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