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Buyer's Guide: Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners in 2023

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Over the years, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners have been finding innovative ways to make these machines more efficient and convenient to use. Gone are the days when you had to lug around a bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room or up and down the stairs before finding a large enough storage space to accommodate it! While they still exist, you can trade them in for a model that is extremely lightweight and slender in design and yet, delivers on power and performance. In this category of convenience, perhaps the most user-friendly and effortless type of vacuum cleaner to use in recent times is none other than the Backpack Vacuum Cleaner!

As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners are strapped to your back and are generally quite lightweight, as well as comfortable to wear. They give you the freedom to move around with just the wand in your hand which also helps you get through a vacuuming session rather quickly.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are more commonly used for commercial cleaning, however, they are great for home use as well. In fact, there are some models that are more suitable for household vacuuming as opposed to commercial cleaning; it’s just a matter of knowing how to find the best backpack vacuum cleaner for you. For that, you’ve come to the right place! In this buyer’s guide, we will be sharing the best backpack vacuum cleaners on the market which include models that are suited for specific cleaning requirements, as well as design specifications that dictate how easy, convenient, and comfortable they are to use.

Let’s begin with our five favourite models.

MaidForYou’s Top 5 Picks for Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

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To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled 5 best backpack vacuum cleaners in 5 specific categories that will help you make an informed decision. These are the models that have an edge over their competitors in some way(s) or another, and therefore, are worth taking a closer look at. 

Here are our favourite backpack cleaners in 2023.

Best Overall Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: Hoover Commercial C2401 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


Regardless of what type of vacuum cleaner you are looking at, one of the most important specifications is the motor that provides the suction power. With this corded model, you never have to worry about a drop in suction which otherwise lets you get only half the job done thoroughly! Aside from great power, your backpack vacuum cleaner of choice should preferably be lightweight and comfortable to wear which is exactly what the product offers!

  • Weighs a mere 9.2lbs, making it one of the lightest backpack vacuum cleaners on the market
  • Operates rather silently for a quiet clean that does not bother anyone in the room
  • Equipped with a long, 48 foot power cord for infrequent switching between outlets
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Comes with different accessories for top to bottom household cleaning
  • Offers high, consistent power suction on all surfaces
  • The harness is designed by a chiropractor for maximum comfort and little to no added stress on the lower back

Best Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: Prolux 2.0 1 Hour Battery Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


Household cleaning isn’t always a quick task unless you have the convenience of a cordless backpack vacuum cleaner! In this product niche, you simply cannot overlook the Prolux 2.0 Bagless model that delivers on many fronts including power and efficient filtration.

  • Offers a full hour-long clean before the batteries need to be recharged
  • Its cordless design allows for a more convenient and faster vacuuming session
  • Equipped with a self-cleaning HEPA filter so you never have to worry about frequent, manual cleaning of the same
  • The Vortex Chamber means filters will not get clogged, thus keeping its performance consistent
  • The motor has a thermal protector to prevent it from overheating or burning out

Best Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum With HEPA Filtration


When looking for a backpack vacuum cleaner for commercial cleaning, you need a product that offers all-in-one cleaning, great power, convenience, and comfort. Those are just some of the reasons why this product from ProTeam is our favourite commercial backpack vacuum cleaner. 

  • Its capacity measures at approximately 9 - 10 litres which is 3 times the size of a standard stick or upright vacuum cleaner
  • It is suitable for all types of flooring including carpeting, tile, and hardwood
  • Offers consistent high-powered suction thanks to its top-grade motor and large filter capacity
  • The power cord is 50 feet long, making it ideal for cleaning large commercial spaces without having to switch between outlets too often
  • Comes with many different attachments/tools that range from upholstery brushes to crevice tools

Best Silent Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: Sanitaire Quiet Clean Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


One of the biggest turn-offs when using a vacuum cleaner is the loud noise that it makes, obnoxiously disrupting the peace in a room. For this reason, quiet vacuum cleaners are widely popular among backpack and traditional upright vacuum cleaners. This particular model from Sanitaire, however, is not just quiet, it is almost silent! Owing to its no-noise operation, it is well-suited for commercial cleaning and homes with elderly people or young children that should not be disturbed when resting.

  • With an advanced HEPA filtration system, household surfaces and your indoor air will be much cleaner
  • It is equipped with a 1,400-watt motor that packs a lot of power 
  • Designed to be consistently efficient when transitioning from carpet cleaning to vacuuming hard floors thanks to its high suction power and versatile cleaning heads
  • The power cord is 50 feet long
  • Covers more area quickly with a 12-inch wide manoeuvreable attachment head
  • Almost completely silent when in use

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair: GV 10 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


When you have a pet dog or cat, that changes everything! Your cleaning requirements, particularly for your floor and upholstery, are generally more demanding than that of a household without pets. Fur gets everywhere including nooks and crannies that require well-designed crevice tools and a powerful suction to remove. With the GV 10 Quart model, you won’t need any other cleaning tool to keep your house clean and fur-free because it has it all!

  • Extremely lightweight; the backpack weighs no more than 11 lbs
  • Features an aluminium body which is sturdy yet light
  • Its large capacity and high-powered suction allow you to deep clean faster and more efficiently
  • It works fantastically well on carpeting and hard floors alike
  • The 3-tier HEPA filtration system keeps pet odours and dander at bay
  • Comes with multiple tools including the all-important pet tool

The Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners of 2023

From the many different types of vacuum cleaners you can buy such as robot vacuums and stick designs, choosing a backpack vacuum cleaner is a great option for anyone that cleans on a daily or regular basis. This includes top to bottom cleaning and vacuuming of stairs, window blinds, upholstery and other areas of a home or commercial space that require a lot of moving around. With that said, having the convenience of a backpack vacuum cleaner is unparalleled regardless of how often you vacuum hard floors or carpeting. 

So, if you’re looking for the best of the best backpack vacuum cleaners of 2023, take a look at these amazing products that are sure to meet your unique cleaning requirements.

1) Hoover Commercial C2401 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

As a leading brand in manufacturing these cleaning appliances, it’s no surprise that their range of backpack vacuum cleaners live up to loyal customers’ expectations. The model in question is no different with its compact and lightweight design, coupled with a comfortable harness and power aplenty! Despite its size, the product boasts a reasonably large capacity of up to little over 6 litres that can be viewed through a transparent lid to keep a check on how full it is.

You can choose between using a bag or going bagless depending on your personal preference. The product comes with a washable dust bag, however, you can purchase suitable disposable bags for the canister if you would like. The Hoover Commercial C2401 does not disappoint where tools and accessories are concerned; everything you need to clean hard floors, carpets, upholstery, and furniture can be achieved with one or more of the attachments that come with the product. A huge pluspoint is the use of a high-grade HEPA filter that is proven to trap 99.97% of fine debris as small as 0.3 microns!

2) Prolux 2.0 1 Hour Battery Bagless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless backpack vacuum cleaner from Prolux is an absolute joy to operate! Weighing a mere 11 lbs that is strapped to your back with a nicely padded harness, this backpack vacuum cleaner is powerful and completely safe to use thanks to its 75 CFM thermal protected motor. This keeps the motor from burning out when the appliance overfills. 

Another great feature is the Vortex Chamber that keeps the suction power going strong. This is possible with the help of an upper, self-cleaning filter that minimises clogging throughout a session. Thanks to its hour-long runtime on a single charge, you can easily breeze through vacuuming your home while switching between the many different tools for a thorough, whole-house clean. The crevice tools in particular are incredibly efficient for cleaning really tight and hard to reach places around the house.

3) ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum With HEPA Filtration

It’s hard to believe that a backpack vacuum cleaner as quiet as 66 decibels when running could pack as much power as this great product from ProTeam does. The 1,188-watt motor provides high-powered suction to pull out particles from carpets and tight corners when the appropriate attachments are used. Along with the crevice tool, upholstery attachment, and dusting brush, the product comes with a Xover Tool that is suitable for effectively sucking up dirt and dust from both hard flooring and low-pile carpets. This eliminates the time and inconvenience of having to switch between tools while cleaning these particular surfaces in one session.

Corded by a 50-foot long power extension, the ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum has a 4-tier HEPA filtration system that ensures a much healthier home environment by removing fine dust and dander from around the house. Another standout feature is the tank capacity which measures at just under 10 litres. This is 3 times larger than many conventional upright vacuum cleaners currently on the market.

4) Sanitaire Quiet Clean Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

For a super peaceful floor cleaning experience, the silence of this backpack vacuum cleaner will leave you in awe, especially when you see just how powerful it is! Satisfactory results are a given when cleaning both heavily soiled carpets and hard floors covered in dirt and pet hair. Equipped with a 1,400-watt motor and powered via a lengthy extension cord that measures up to 50 feet, cleaning large commercial or household spaces will be much more convenient than you can imagine. 

As always, any vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration is worth taking a look at considering its efficiency in trapping miniscule debris. With this model, you also get a backpack vacuum cleaner that is backed by the CRI Seal of Approval. Some of the handy attachments that come with the Sanitaire Quiet Clean include a dusting brush, carpet brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, and a 12-inch wide multi-surface floor attachment.

5) GV 10 Quart Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best backpack cleaner for pet hair, this one will not let you down. Whether you are having trouble getting out entangled fur from carpet fibres or need to clean out corners and edges where pet hair collects, the GV commercial backpack vacuum cleaner will take care of all floor and upholstery cleaning needs that are shared between pet owners everywhere! 

Finished with an aluminium exterior, the body is durable yet lightweight; it is merely 11 lbs of added weight on your back and features metal latches and a metal wand. Best of all, this bagged backpack vacuum cleaner comes with a pet tool for attention to detail cleaning, and multiple attachments that allow you to clean every part of your home. It also has a 3-tier HEPA filtration system and a high-powered motor so you never have to worry about the product falling short in any way. 

6) Powr-Flite ComfortPro Standard Backpack Vacuum

Not only is this product less than 9 lbs light, it also offers maximum comfort with extra padding on the harness and multiple places along the mesh/breathable straps to make adjustments. This allows the wearer to get the perfect fit that further minimises any discomfort experienced by those who may be suffering from a backache. 

Of course, none of the added comfort means having to compromise on performance. The Powr-Flite ComfortPro Standard Backpack Vacuum boasts a 1,200-watt motor and is also stamped with the CRI Gold Seal of Approval. With a powerful suction that deep cleans carpets and hard floors in a seemingly effortless manner, you can rest assured that even households with pets will be quick and easy to clean. If that wasn’t enough, the backpack vacuum cleaner operates noise-free and comes with a variety of handy tools!

7) Bissell BigGreen BG1001 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve never used a Bissell vacuum cleaner before, opting for this model in their range of backpack vacuums is a great choice for first-time customers. It promises great power that is backed by a 1,375-watt motor, along with the added bonus of a heat sensor that triggers the appliance to turn off automatically when overfilling occurs. It is also lightweight and comfortable for the user to wear thanks to padded and adjustable straps that are made for all body types.

With a near 10-litre capacity, you can enjoy the added benefit of infrequent emptying of the canister which (when needed) is further made convenient by a simple twist-off lid. While it doesn’t come with HEPA filters, you can purchase the bags separately and enjoy a safer and more thorough cleaning result. The tool kit that comes with the Bissell BigGreen BG1001 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner ensures efficient vacuuming of all types of surfaces, as well as corners and narrow spaces. 

8) Makita XCV10ZX Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

While this product comes with a slightly higher price tag than the average backpack vacuum cleaner, it also offers additional features that set it apart from its competitors. The standout, high-tech feature that will have you thoroughly impressed is its Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to turn the appliance on and off with a trigger button located near the handle. When fitted with a pair of 5.0Ah LXT lithium-ion batteries, you can get an hour-long vacuuming session in with ease. The only downside is that you must purchase the batteries separately. 

Weighing no more than 10 lbs, the Makita XCV10ZX offers the convenience of a cordless backpack vacuum cleaner and all the power you need for those stubborn floor cleaning days when the average vacuum cleaner doesn’t serve you well enough. Thanks to its two-stage HEPA filtration system, your carpets and hard flooring can be cleaned effectively and safely while enjoying the added bonus of a quiet operation!

9) ProTeam ProVac FS 6 Backpack Vacuum

This is yet another great versatile product that offers top to bottom cleaning with its impressive suction power and army of tools and accessories! The power cord is 50 feet long and the motor is powered by 1,108 watts which gives users the pleasure of a very strong suction for efficient cleaning. Suitable for all floor types, even those tiny particles settled deep into your carpeting are not spared when vacuuming with this lightweight backpack model. 

The padded harness and breathable FlexFit adjustable straps are made to suit all body types and sizes; this ensures that you are comfortable throughout the cleaning session no matter how long the ProTeam ProVac FS 6 is on your back. For all those different cleaning tasks that include removing pet hair from upholstery, cleaning ceiling fans, and deep cleaning hard floors and carpets, there is an appropriate attachment that ensures a satisfactory end result!


The research and findings that led us to these particular backpack vacuum cleaners were based upon a host of factors that checked all the right boxes in their respective categories. With that said, we looked at brands and models that shared very similar features and specifications but seemed to stand out just a little more in different ways. Overall, if you are looking for the best backpack vacuum cleaner for home or commercial use, it is crucial to pick a product that checks the following boxes:

  • Lightweight
  • Padded harness
  • Adjustable straps
  • Powerful suction
  • Variety of tools for different cleaning purposes
  • High-grade motor (above 1,000 watts)
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Additional features for convenience and thorough cleaning abilities
  • Warranty

Use MaidForYou’s buyer’s guide to find the best and most suitable backpack vacuum cleaner for a whole new joyous experience in household cleaning with a convenient and top-performing product!

Adriana Aziz is the operations manager at MaidForYou. With over 6 years of experience managing cleaning operations, she knows all the best hacks when it comes to cleaning residential and commercial buildings. With expert experience in managing house cleaning operations, interior design and logistics. She spends her free time with her family and as a freelance food critic.

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