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7 Easy Ways to Clean Your House

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A clean home is a beautiful home, some define the home as where the heart is. Our abode is our safe haven and a safe haven that’s hygienic and well organized allows us to distress from the distractions of the modern world.

We all love a beautiful home that is clean and tidy. Excessive dust, grime, and dirt can keep one from that pristine feeling that one gets from a clean and organized home.

Cleanliness is important to keep germs and diseases away from our house, family, and pets. However, cleaning is one activity we hate doing (that’s why we tend to hire professional cleaners) or we procrastinate and leave it to another time. Stop procrastinating! Pick up the broom and let’s sweep the dust away from our house.

Organize and prepare


Gather your cleaning equipment, mop, broom, bucket, cleaning agent, 3-4 different coloured microfiber cloths, Vacuum cleaner, and disinfectant-ready beforehand. If you are not prepared a portion of your cleaning time will be spent sourcing relevant equipment and chemicals.

It would be even better if you keep all your cleaning agents and brushes in one place; it is easy to find things when you need them.

Clean the ceiling

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Remove the cobwebs from every corner of the room including your bathroom. Wipe your fan and lamps clean in every room. Cleaning the ceiling can be quite difficult so this always will require a step ladder.

Make sure your step ladder is sturdy and not rusted. Safety is paramount when cleaning your home.

Clean the walls


Handprints and unsightly dirt can appear over time on walls. They can be quite difficult to see to the naked eye. When cleaning the wall you need to start from the top of the wall and work your way to the bottom. In-expensive products like sugar soap sold in your local hardware stores are more than enough for those stubborn grease stains on your walls.

Clean wall hangings or artwork on the wall and furniture in each room


Clean everything that is hanging on or connected to the wall. Whether it is a clock, photo frame, artwork, or ornaments (be careful). Use a light duster or microfiber to remove any dust from photo frames and artwork, and then wipe off with another clean cloth.

Wipe off the dust from the furniture with a microfiber cloth. Use the vacuum cleaner for your sofa and cushions. If your couch is upholstered be sure to remove the cushions and vacuum all the leftover articles of food and lint that have seeped into the bottoms of the couch.

We use different coloured microfiber cloths for specific rooms. Lighter colours for rooms with tiles and wet rooms (your kitchens, bathrooms, and en-suites

Clean your bathroom


Bathroom cleaning can be a bit tedious. Use toilet cleaning liquid inside the toilet bowl, before you start cleaning the other rooms. Once you’re done cleaning the rest of the house, scrub your bathroom floor and the toilet bowl clean, don't forget to clean the bathtub. Once you’re done cleaning the bathroom, spray disinfectant on hard surfaces to get rid of germs. Place a toilet freshener to keep your toilet smelling fresh.

Cleaning the kitchen


When cleaning the kitchen you want to start with a clear space put all the dishes inside the dishwasher.

Secondly, start cleaning all the appliances like oven, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. You just need vinegar and a water solution to clean most of these appliances. It will not only remove tough stains, but it also works as a deodorizer. Clean the counters, cabinets and the stove and the range hood. You need to be quite thorough with the range hood as generally there can be a build-up of oil which can be quite difficult to remove straight away.

Cleaning the floor


Once every room and corner of the house is cleaned, it is time to clean the floor. Vacuum the carpet and rugs. Keep the carpet and rugs aside while you mop the floor. Once your floor is dried, place your carpet and rugs back in place. If you are looking for a good reliable vacuum cleaner then check out this sponsored Bosch Athlet Review.

We hope you found this quick outline of 7 easy ways to clean your house useful. We’re always posting handy tips for newbies and professional cleaners alike, so check out our blog for regular updates.

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