5 Simple Cleaning Hacks From Maidforyou.com.au

5 Simple Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning is a tough job—that's why many of us put it off until it becomes downright overwhelming. The tedium of washing, scrubbing, and drying, often wrestling with the same stains and ground-in dirt several times over before seeing a truly clean surface again, leaves many of us asking, “Isn't there an easier way?”

Yes, there is: Hire a professional cleaning service to take care of the work for you! But, alas, we don't always have the funds to do so, or we find ourselves having to clean up unexpected messes during the week... And that's where these five simple cleaning hacks from Maidforyou.com.au come in handy:

1. Use furniture polish to create a quick “gleaming clean” around the house.

You can safely use spray-on furniture polish to create a beautiful “I scrubbed this for hours” shine on many appliances, coffee tables, dressers, fixtures, and just about anything else that could use a bit of sheen. Just be sure to read the directions and warning labels on your specific product before using it, and don't let it get on the floor; it's slippery stuff!

2. Give your cutting board a quick chemical-free clean with salt and lemon juice.

If you need to clean your cutting boards but don't wish to scrub them by hand or run the dishwasher, just cover them with salt and grab a halved lemon and scrub them down quickly (and then rinse). This will clean the surface and kill any bacteria present, without the use of harsh cleaners which may not be food-safe.

3. Use a lint roller to dust tricky surfaces.

Feather dusters are not the most effective tools for cleaning surfaces that have a bit of dust-grabbing “tooth” to them, such as lampshades; a lint roller works much better.

4. Clean your sofa with baking soda.

Washing any kind of upholstered furniture is a massive job, and one that is usually better left to the pros. Fortunately, if your sofa begins to look dingy or develops an odour in between professional cleans, you can apply a trusted and true carpet-cleaning hack to freshen it up: Simply sprinkle on baking soda, let it sit overnight, and then vacuum it up the next day.

5. Prevent soap scum accumulation through the use of liquid shower gel.

If you use liquid shower gel rather than bar soap while bathing or showering, you can almost entirely prevent the buildup of hard-to-remove soap scum. How? According to Lynn Marie Bower of the Housekeeping channel, “The fats and oils in soaps create problems with soap scum,” whereas “body wash is technically a detergent, so it’s specifically formulated to prevent gross crud from caking up in the shower.”

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